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  • June 21, 2021

    #JalifStudio - Emilio Segura & Valentin Solis

    Cast: Emilio Segura, Valentin Solis I've always had a thing for Valentin. We've been friends for years but he's always maintained that he's completely straight. He turned up at my house unannounced one evening last week. He looked incredibly sexy. He was wearing a black T-shirt and a black pair of track pants made from some sort of shiny fabric. He sat next to me on the couch looking a bit nervous. I've never seen Valentin looking nervous, so I instantly knew what he wanted... I leant in and started kissing him. He responded with intense, wet kisses and I pulled his rock hard 9-incher out of his pants. I knew I had to give him the blow job of his life - for the honor of gay men if nothing else! I wanted him to be astounded by how good a man could feel down there! I sucked him for what felt like an age. His tool has got to be 9 inches long and it curves upwards at an angle which suggests if he banged you, your prostate would get an epic working-over as well! He pushed me into a really odd position and shoved himself inside me, going at it harder and faster than I've ever experienced. It was unbelievably intense, bordering on brutal. I was plainly just a hole which needed to be used for his total pleasure. When he'd had enough, he squatted over me and shot his load straight into my face, spraying thick beads of sticky cum across my neck.

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