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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Ruggerbugger catches English footballer Tony Hibbert changing out of his football shorts while on the pitch. His powerful muscular haunches are inadvertently shown off as he strips off down to his tight-fitting white pants. This 31 year old sportsman has an impressively large bulge. His underwear looks tight enough to support his impressive genitals when he’s running up and down the football field.


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TheSneakyPeek cameraman spent hours hiding in a swimming pool cubicle to secretlyfilm men stripping off for the pool through a hole in the wall. He records himslowly stripping off to reveal his long foreskin and big full balls. Seehundreds of men exposed at SneakyPeek.


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Poslední zvonění, OKTÁVA - BORAT


Jean Genet Un Chant d'Amour full movie

Rabioso Sol Rabioso Cielo completa 4

Tres hombres jóvenes de belleza singular descubren el amor y el desamor sin estar ceñidos a ninguna circunstancia espacial o temporal (ya sea un cine porno en decadencia o una zona atemporal deica) en el presente continuo de la eternidad. El amor como una epopeya ancestral, como una lucha mítica en la que la pérdida y la muerte no son sino fases inevitables del dulce dolor que ayuda a tocar la felicidad absoluta. Mix 13 está orgulloso de despegar este año con un filme tumultuoso de pasiones épicas realizada por un director mexicano maldito y ganador, por este filme, de un segundo Teddy --el prestigioso premio de temática gay en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Berlin (sólo alcanzado antes por el finado Derek Jarman), del que su Jurado dice: "Este premio es otorgado a Rabioso Sol, Rabioso Cielo por su maestría cinematográfica y su visionario uso del color y el sonido --por sus exploraciones del amor, el deseo y la sexualidad en un marco
de mitología antigua, yuxtapuesta con la urbe moderna" Una odisea increíble --densa, sensual, perturbadora- nunca antes vista en el cine mexicano.

Ciao maschio Marco Ferreri, 1978 Part 2

Gogo Boys Spain

Club project. Выпуск 4. Клуб Hollywood, 26.02.2011

A poil !

Le mec est un professionnel du dessapage ! En moins d'une seconde, vous vous retrouvez les couilles à l'air ! Un conseil, attachez bien vos maillots de bain ;-)

КВН Песня от Коляна. Стриптиз


Пацаны решили искупаться(Молдавия рулит)

The boys are back for good!

First video back in action, we look bigger better faster and stronger


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Smit in mankini at jacksons

Mofatripp im Borat Mankini

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

Posh schoolboy Joel leads a privileged life and sees little point in applying himself at school. At the parents’ evening his mother and his teachers think it’s time to implement some discipline to bring this lad down to earth. They strip him off driving home that he is still under their control and must obey. See the new story Posh Boy at CFNM.net

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Friday, September 28, 2012

CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

In the CMNM.net barracks Private Davies has the gall to stand there naked growing a big fat stiffy in front of his staff sergeant. When one soldier is disobedient the entire squad is punished. One by one each of Gerry’s buddies is ordered to wank him off until his balls are fully emptied. The scruffy soldier winces as his cock is roughly handled by man after man.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012


New in TheCastingRoom, Jon is a wide-eyed straight country boy who is excited about the prospect of fucking on camera for a living. He’s an athletic lad with a slim figure he maintains with an active interest in football and running. His slightly broken nose and the bruises on his body reveal how this guy often gets into scraps with other men when he’s not stripping off at parties to impress the ladies. He naively declares how he’s open-minded but when he’s questioned about most kinds of action he refuses to do a lot of it. Brimming with confidence, this sporty hetero found the experience of auditioning a real challenge.

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Jamie's sponsorship waxing

green shorts

Выпил 7 литров пива за минуту! ))

Сергей Травкин ставит рекорды в сауне!)))

Video performance (el arcoiris cae sobre mí).flv

Video performance realizado para "NO LOCAL"

"Se trata de una muestra internacional de video-arte que relaciona la producción más reciente de artistas latinoamericanos y otras latitudes mediante socializaciones itinerantes en diversos contextos culturales, con el objeto de generar planteamientos de crítica y reflexión sobre la relación, experiencia, vida y arte con un pensamiento cinematográfico, performativo y vivencial, teniendo en cuenta el establecimiento de redes de autogestión, la participación de la academia y la construcción de paradigmas teóricos de investigación-creación" (Este texto fue tomado de http://saidokins.blogspot.com/ )

Performance Art / Video Performativo

Vídeo Performativo

Serie Ciclope

Video realizado por los artistas de performance Rosario Yañez y Cristóbal Yañez, en la costa de la IV Región de Chile y producido por Yañezdearena

Стас Пьеха жжет

стас пьеха голый жжет мочит муз тв голый


Ехал по дороге а тут такое... Ну вообщем смотрите сами!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nature Boy

My first short gay erotica film. Starring JC Angel

JC is definitely an attractive young man and overall I liked the film. I thought the running water and chirping bird sound effects were a bit much and should be scaled back somewhat both in quantity and volume. I think the most beautiful shots were when he was back lit by the sunset. I also enjoyed the shots where the camera focused on the leaves of a plant with JC blurred in the background. The piano was lovely and I enjoyed the scenery (both nature & JC's).


At BrutalTops cruel medics Nick and Lucas are training lippy sub james; The glowing red stripes across his ass prove james still has a lot to learn to avoid further brutal punishments. Master Lukas sinks his thick rigid cock deep into the sub's anus, ignoring its protests and building a strong steady rhythm as he takes his pleasure. Master Nick has already pushed his stiffening penis between james' lips to get serviced in the sub's slutty wet mouth.

The muscular tag team swap places, Lucas gripping the sub's head in his strong hands as he face fucks the cunt to a messy orgasm. Master Nick unloading his heavy sackful of sperm across james' buttocks, coating them in his thick jizz.


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Top Up Down Bottom