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  • March 16, 2011

    Tommy D

    Tommy D, Trevor

    Tommy wants to see what his good friend Trevor looks like without his clothes.

    He easily pushes Trevor back onto the bed and strips him down and immediately goes to work on Trevor's tool. Soon Tommy is too turned on to keep his clothes on and he takes out his gorgeous cock. Trevor gets Tommy on his hands and knees and lubes up his ass with his fingers and tongue. Then, much to Tommy's pleasure, Trevor slides his thick pink snake into Tommy's ass. With every pound and thrust, Tommy moans and groans with great satisfaction.

    The boys then decide to work on themselves and Trevor cums first, gushing his goo all over Tommy's hard cock. He's so turned on that Tommy then finishes himself off quickly and splatters himself with his cum.

    Alex, Tommy D

    Tommy loves his interviews, and this week we bring you a smokin' scene with Tommy and Alex.

    He interviews Alex for a moment, then has him strip down and show us his goods. Alex does NOT disappoint. From his bubble butt, up to his boyish good-looking face, back down to his long, thick cock, Alex is here to have some fun, and to show off.

    Tommy starts to feel a little left he offers Alex a cock to suck on. From there, it's on! Tommy falls on top of Alex, kissing and rubbing him all over as he slides down to taste his member.

    They suck on each other the whole time, and at the end, the loads cometh, as Tommy shoots over his shoulder...twice!

    Fox, Tommy D

    We had some of the new guys in town for the week and have been filming some great stuff!

    For this scene, Tommy gets to touch Fox...where ever he wants. Tommy decides to do something new too. He busts out with the massage oil and gets Fox naked on the floor for a smooth, relaxing man-rub. Tommy interviews Fox first to give us an idea of what this stud is all about. Once his clothes are off, Tommy can't help himself and jumps in, stuffing Fox's cock into his mouth, sucking it down, making Fox moan.

    Hot, just the way Tommy likes it. Once he tastes his friend for a bit, Tommy gets to the rub down. This gets Fox so excited that when he blows his load, he shoots completely over his head...twice!

    Check it out and enjoy!

    Denny, Tommy D

    Tommy noticed that Denny was getting a lot of attention lately and that he hadn't had the pleasure of 'attending' to Denny yet.

    So there is only one thing to do; get Denny together with Tommy. Well, that's what we've got right here; Tommy having some naughty fun with our friend.

    Denny has just arrived home from the gym and is ready to take a nice, soothing shower. Tommy wants to join! Denny has no problem with this of course, and actually chooses to suck Tommy's cock.

    This all makes for a super hot scene, but that's not even the end. After drying off, the two move on into the living room couch, where things heat up even more. Kissing, fingering, 69 and two cum shots, all make for a satisfying time.

    Enjoy, Tommy and Denny did!

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