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  • June 29, 2011

    Venezuela Forgotten Country

    Video Performance Installation: the Venezuelan flag is painted on the upper torso of the model while the USA Flag is painted on the lower area of the body, reversing not only the geographical position in the global map, but also emphasizing the importance of Venezuela's oil & the USA's dependence on it.
    The Music playing in the background explains the only thing both nations share and have in common.
    " A delirious, farsante, liar, hopeful dreamer as a leader who may promise instant solutions to our problems; but in reality that leader is only a monument that stands to ignorance."
    A good business man that distracts the nation as he builds a dictator ship or tries to keep Immigrants out, making himself look as the savior of a Nation while living an extravagant life.

    The Video was treated with a visual effect to make it seam old and decayed, symbolic of the many years of perpetual sexual abuse and decadence in the Catholic Church, all the sanctify priest can see is a nude man representing a Christ of desire.

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