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  • September 7, 2011


    good pop, good porn, and good art are NOT mutually exclusive. this video is made up of footage from a sunny afternoon in brooklyn with a few lovely friends, and an original electropop cover of Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love. adult (yet artsy) content within.

    Track 5 of 6 on REGULARMOTION's first DVD/Album, GRAPHIC.GLORY, which was released in December 2008. For more info check out

    Directed, shot, and edited by Richert Schnorr
    Music by Richert Schnorr (original cover of Madonna's "Take A Bow")

    a REGULARMOTION original. made after going to way too many funerals in one year, continuously putting on and taking off this suit.
    music by roisin murphy
    video and performance by richert schnorr
    more at

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