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  • October 3, 2011

    Hot Aqua Men the world over

    Enjoy gays and girls! A quick compilation of some very hot - and some a little less hot - guys from film and tv series from Europe and the USA. After a Youtube friend was told he was delivering the "wrong message" by uploading funny, sexy and weird male nudity clips on his channel, it struck me how different male nudity are both understood, and presented, in Europe and the US. While the Europeans have a fairly relaxed attitude towards nudity. Both in regard to the appropriate age for being allowed to see such clips in movies and on tv, and in the manner nude scenes are being shot and presented in the film or episode. In the US male frontal nudity isn`t allowed for people under the age of 17 - in many countries in Europe children as young as eleven can go see it for themselves - and seven or eight year olds in the company of a parent or guardian. But while European movie makers tends to shoot the body the way God made it, their colleagues accross the pond often not only uses lighting and make up to make the body look as sexy as possible, quite often the moviestar in question has been replaced, for parts of, or the whole, scene, by a body double. And after all this work, very often they have to edit it over and over again - untill it gets approved for it`s desired rating. So usually it ends up with one single nudity shot - or if it is more - a few quick blink-and-you-miss-it nude moments here and there thru the movie. In Europe the rating isn`t an issue. So the nude scene can be as long, or short, as the director feels the story requires - in some parts, like Scandinavia, that even applies to family tv shows, or films intended for teenagers. In fact, the Scandinavian clips included in this video have been shortened in the editing process, not to violate (too much) YT restrictions on nudity - and particularly of the frontal kind.
    But despite all this on screen nudity the Scandinavian countries have fewer teenage pregnancies, fewer rap cases and fewer sexual discrimination cases per capita, than forinstance the US. Could it be that a more natural, and accepting, attitude to the naked body isn`t so harmfull after all? Maybe even quite the opposite

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