Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Стриптиз.Амурская область

a boy from Pakistan

This is what happens when you drink to much

Тим Петч - хуятор

troy si bolang

Raunchy Exhibitionist

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Nick Ford and Alex Andrews_Two hung and gorgeous guys sunbathing in the nude… you can easily see where this is going.

Nick Ford is not shy about stroking his stiff piece of meat as he enjoys the view of blonde surfer boy Alex Andrews sunning his hot ass and blonde shimmering hairs glowing in the California sun. With his hard cock in one hand he reaches over and helps himself to a grope. Leaning over Nick gives that ass a playful kiss, which arouses Alex enough to roll over for a taste of those thick, full lips.

Laying side by side they stroke for each other, eyes glued to each other’s cocks as they reach across to touch each other's bodies all over. Soon Nick settles himself between Alex’s legs for a long and slow session of blonde boy cock worship. Nursing that cock as he strokes the base, Nick feeds on Alex’s big uncut dick. Alex has a naturally muscular body with natural pubes… Being a true suck buddy, Alex takes his turn and feasts on his pal's cock as Nick kicks back and enjoys the service. Alex fills his mouth with that big juicy dick, sucking and stroking every inch to get those dick juices flowing.

Oozing with pre-cum they put their big cocks up against each other and stroke themselves as one. Edging closer and closer you can clearly see their balls swell and soon the cum starts to fly. Nick explodes, sending a hot jet stream of cum high on to his chest as he moans with pleasure. Alex is close behind, letting out a deep long moan as he shoots a thick dart of cum in response.

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PHOTOS - Alex Andrews

PHOTOS - Nick Ford

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