Friday, October 21, 2011


New at First Auditions Terry is a big sporty guy who looks like your typical mild-mannered office worker, but he harbours some seriously kinky desires. Not one to shy away from exploring the darker side of things, he’s been to lots of fetish clubs and his body has been used in almost every way imaginable. Now this former semi-professional footballer wants to turn his open-minded attitude towards sex into a profession by making porn videos. Although he’s not attracted to men at all, he’s not averse to being used by dominant men when he’s in a certain frame of mind.

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Drunk guy pissing into beer glass in his bathrobe

Showing Off

Crusing About A3

This guy was a hot rugby skinhead, i fucking wish i had gone back in after him but i didnt see him pull in and wasnt aware he was after some cock fun. i was annoyed with myself after i would have sucked him off in a flash.

a fitting room

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