Saturday, October 29, 2011

CFNM FaceBooked

At, trembling naïve Martin finds himself totally naked and at the feet of the imperious Ellie at the girls party. Despite his terror at the possibility of her mother or brother walking in and discovering him, strange new sexual feelings are pushing him to carry on. The girl's commanding presence fills his world and all he can think of is serving her and her laughing friends.

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Mike Stripped

Lots of guys have the arrogance to assume they can be male models. Mike turns up expecting to be given work and be paid huge sums of money based purely on what his face looks like. But the modeling agency has more exacting standards - they only accept the very best. To get on their books requires more than a handsome face. The three fully clothed casting directors demand to see every inch of this wannabe model - including his cock and asshole. They relentlessly maul him and have their pervy fun at his expense.

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Йобаный индеец

Oderzo - Nudi per la finale di Rugby - Naked Rugby Players

Ad Oderzo si è festeggiato la chiusura del campionato con il tradizionale match "all naked" ovvero una partita che ha visto i giocatori della squadra trevisana giocare completamente nudi di fronte al folto pubblico incuriosito.
For Oderzo they celebrated the end of the championship match with the traditional "all naked" or a game which saw players from Treviso to play naked in front of large audience intrigued.

De Gouden Kooi NL - Dennis Shower

Top Up Down Bottom