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  • May 7, 2012

    dreamboat annie

    A short video I put together to say "see you soon" to my many friends. I'm leaving to start work on a two-month project tomorrow. This just my way of saying "Miss You - See You Soon!"

    SONG: “Dreamboat Annie”, as performed by Heart on their debut album, Dreamboat Annie.

    “A Journey into the Vault of aussieBum” – directed by Bell Soto
    “Boundless Brasil - Winter Collection 2012 – Masculino” – directed by Rafael Costa and Felipe Terra featuring Mateus Verdelho
    “Anatomy” – directed by Bell Soto

    1 comment:

    1. Hey Guys -

      Thought it was about time to stop y and say THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting some of my vieos on your blogsite!

      As an amateur video-crafter, its not to often that my work gets notice. I truly appreciate your support and hope that it may continue! Terrific Blog by the way - something for everyone1

      Take care my friends - Tennyson J. McKinney!