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  • May 7, 2012


    A performance by Ana Borralho & João Galante
    Mistermissmissmister is a performative project based on the erotic imaginary. Questioning the asymmetries that regulate the social identities and the definitions of male/female, Mistermissmissmister means to cause strong emotions in the viewer by confronting him/her with characters whose bodies are extremely exposed and that show a very obvious gender/sexual ambiguity. The 3 performers (two men and a woman) are totally naked and their heads transformed through characterization and make-up so that each one has a different gender from the body he or she belongs to.

    Performance for 3 viewers at each time: sitting face to face to the 3 performers, the public establishes a very intimate (almost loving) and direct relationship with the performers (eye to eye), with no words and for an undetermined period, while they listen, repeatedly, to a love song with headphones (each viewer listens to his own song). It is the viewer who defines the time of the performance, the kind of relationship (by choosing a certain performer) and the moment he/she gets up and cuts off the dynamics, leaving place to another viewer. All other viewers are put waiting for a sit on the sofa, and, as in a voyeuristic game, they are free to watch the performance and the relationships established by others from the outside, choosing to later participate in the performance or not.

    concept and artistic direction Ana Borralho & João Galante
    performers Ana Borralho, João Galante, Miguel Moreira
    make-up artist Jorge Bragada

    co-production Centro Cultural de Belém, Eira, wid.lov, casaBranca
    thanks alkantara, Cristina Piedade, David Gueniot, Eira, Filipa Francisco, Helena Batista, Miguel Abreu, Olho, Patricia Leal, Rui Viana, João Garcia Miguel and Vítor Rua.

    performance duration 2 to 3 hours.

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