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  • December 20, 2012 Connor Patricks, Danny Palick

    After the big game, Connor Patricks takes therapy for his stiff knee in the hot tub, joined byDanny Palick, who admits being “a little bit stiff myself.” But it’s not Danny’s knee that’sstiff. He points his hardon at Connor and it instantly becomes the preferred therapy.Slippery when wet, from the tub, sweat and saliva, toned jock flesh takes on an addedluster. Connor’s extra-fat cock floats on the water while he deep-throats Danny’s chub,looking up for approval. The expressions on Danny’s face telegraph the thrills his dick issending to his brain. Connor then takes the initiative and orders Danny to suck him. Hewraps one arm around Danny’s head like a footballer making an run for the end zone andfucks Danny’s face with that fat, veiny dick, ordering him to take it “all the way down.”Connor’s buns are as hot as his cock when he turns and lifts a foot onto the edge of the hottub and offers Danny his hole. Danny reaches between Connor’s legs to grab his junk,flicking his tongue across Connor’s pink center, then sliding a single finger in to the lastknuckle. Connor pants and twitches, ordering Danny to fuck him. Two positions on a loungechair are all they can handle before erupting in twin fountains of jizz.

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