Friday, March 9, 2012

Nick Cross & Larkin

Nick Cross & Larkin
Nick Cross and Larkin have an amazing dynamic in this video. They trade blowjobs slurping on each other before Larkin gives Nick a hot wet tongue bath on his pretty little hole. Larkin then pounds his fat cock into Nick until Nick explodes with a shower of cum. What a team!CLICK HERE

Hood King, Intrigue, Seduction, Mr Stacks, Jonny Boy & London Moo

Hood King, Intrigue, Seduction, Mr Stacks, Jonny Boy & London Moo
Our horny white boy returns for this video - apparently still hungry for big, black cock. Watch him try and swallow those epic tools why some of the other brothers warm up their tools on each other in preparation for the oral pleasuring to come from their young fan.CLICK HERE

Justin & Kelvin

Justin & Kelvin
Whilst Sebastian puts Adam Watson through an anal assault, bait-boi Justin mummifies Adam's boyfriend, Kelvin Summers, in another part of Sebastian's penthouse. Secured to the massage table, Justin relentlessly stimulates Kelvin's rock hard teen cock with ice cubes and boiling hot water. Exposing Kelvin's helpless nipples, Justin mounts an assault  which leaves them red and tender. Justin's reward has to be Kelvin's cum. Watch Justin edge Kelvin's throbbing dick until it can take more and explodes hot teen cum over Kelvin's bound body. CLICK HERE

James and Alexandre Senna

James and Alexandre Senna
In the next month you will see some a whole lot more films I found in my vault. This month you get to see James and Alex in action, you have seen James here before and Im sure you've seen Alex in other studio films - he is one hot bottom. Wait until you see James having his way with him, I think this is going to be a film that really gets you guys going with all the sucking, rimming and, of course, hard fucking.CLICK HERE

NextDoorBuddies: Voodoo Love Spell

Joe Lander was willing to try anything! His boyfriend Tyler Torro is NOT interested in sex anymore. Joe just wants to get fucked and his last resort is the voodoo doll he ordered from a black magic priestess last week.

When the package arrives, Joe finds the instructions say to gather a specimen of pubic hair from the victim, attach to the doll, then watch the spell take hold. Joe sneaks into the bathroom as Tyler showers to snatch a few pubes, then scurries back into the bedroom where he finishes the directions and disrobes. When comes in from his shower, he's sporting a very perky and hard erection. "I don't know what's going on here!" he tells Joe. But Joe knows! The magic is working, just as the priestess said, and Joe is reaping the benefits. Watch him slurp hard and deep on Tyler's fat cock. After Tyler takes control with a little face fucking, Joe climbs aboard for a nice, solid pounding, the way

Tyler used to bang him, when they first began dating. Then witness Tyler bend Joe over and slam his tight asshole from behind. But will the spell last long enough for Joe to be showered in his boyfriend's hot load?? Find out in this sexy, bewitching adventure!

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