Tuesday, August 7, 2012

boy in the beach

boy in the beach from romulano garcia on Vimeo.

A Vanishing Quantity in the mathematical sense

A Vanishing Quantity in the mathematical sense from laboratoriosymbolon on Vimeo.

Video performance 12min. KÖLN 1999
Sebastián Sánchez Zelada/ Marcello Mercado.

Año: 1999
Contacto: laboratoriosymbolon@yahoo.es

Goda vänner

Goda vänner from Niclas Lindahl on Vimeo.

Our contribution to NOO festival 2009.
A story about three friends. One of them wakes up naked in the forrest with a balloon tied to his dick. The other two wakes up after a great party. What has happen?

Director: Niclas Lindahl, David Nilsson, Björn Rådeström
Photography: David Nilsson, Björn Rådeström
Editing: David Nilsson, Niclas Lindahl
Script: Fallen Royals


голый забег версия 2

Southport v Wigan Athletic - Streaker on the pitch

What some folk will do for £20! Young lad disrobes and streaks in front of the Southport goal at Haig Avenue for the friendly against Wigan Athletic.

Голый Ли-фтер!.avi

Geoffrey Oi!Cott with a Steaker called Trapper

There was an invite for a Streaker and one appeared ! Bit shaky due to laughter !

синий бог

Top Up Down Bottom