Thursday, August 30, 2012

санёк жжёт в бане

Nøgen shopping priss

Åbningsevent: Shop for 2000 kr gratis hvis du er nøgen
Grand opening: Shop groceries for free (400 dollars) if you are naked

Ligeti, Nouvelles Aventures (fragm.)

Aventures and Nouvelles Aventures are "mimodramas" for three vocalists and seven instrumentalists in which the text performed by the former is composed entirely of phonetic sounds that present various abstract emotional states and interaction. "Something happens, but I do not know what it is, and you do not know what it is," Ligeti said. Emotional outbursts ranging as far as complete hysteria jostle and juxtapose with banal conversation in presenting these abstract, stylized works. Combined with the instrumental accompaniment, unlike his previously cited music, the impression is one of porosity rather than density. There is also a parody of a chorale, and sound effects like tearing paper and marbles in a bowl, which lends a feeling of humorous absurdity to the works, possibly reflecting an influence from Mauricio Kagel and Dieter Schnebel, as well as Momente by Stockhausen.

Поклонники голого принца раздеваются на

Так называемое "голое приветствие принцу" его поклонники отправляют на специальный сайт, а также в Twitter и Facebook. Причем к акции военных присоединились гражданские, включая женщин. Корреспондент НТВ Антон Вольский выяснил, в чем дело.

Подданные британской королевы избрали крайне необычный способ выразить солидарность с ее внуком принцем Гарри. Более восьми тысяч британских военных...

Urologie - Palpation des Testicules

01 - Pemeriksaan Dasar Urologi.MP4

Nude Male Calender launch 2000 Full Monty Pine Creek # 1

Macumba Antropófaga

Trechos da peça Macumba Antropofaga Temporada 2012

Trechos da peça Macumba Antropofaga Temporada 2012 exibida no dia 26/05/2012 com participação de membros do SPNat (Naturistas da grande São Paulo)

Russian rock band "Рубль"- nude performance

TiX. Голый мужик...

нудисты рулят

Пацанчик почуствовал себя нудистом=) Хотя он был Трезвый=)

Sergio stripping magaluf 2012

Little dude stripping magaluf
Top Up Down Bottom