Sunday, September 2, 2012

loco de nueva gerona isla de la juventud cuba Sexual Sanctuary

Have you ever caught eyes with a sexy dude at a club or bar and knew simply by the exchange of looks that you mutually wanted to fuck? This has just happened to Chad Logan. They chatted a bit before agreeing in whispers to steal away to somewhere they could be naked together in each other's arms.

Luckily the bathroom has a locking door on it. They enter, prepared to indulge intense, lustful cravings. Chad reveals Lance's dick, an unbelievable, hulking member, fattening as Chad takes it into his hand, and then into his mouth. Lance can't believe this extremely cute guy is blowing him just moments after meeting him. Chad is elated to be tasting the seriously massive cock on the hottest, most chiseled guy he's seen as far back as he can remember. Then Lance goes down to slurp, suck, and nibble Chad's beefy boner. Then it's a hard, bathroom stall dick-down for Lance. Watch Chad satisfy his yearning for tight, warm asshole as he pounds Lance so sensuously, you'll hardly be able to stand the passion.

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Evirazione - Marco Ferreri

Un film o dice niente o dice tutto. "Consumo, cibo, regressione, evasione, feticismo, morte": nel 1976 L'ultima donna è il film scandalo di Marco Ferreri. Nell'ultima scena, un giovane Depardieu, un' ingegnere vuoto e disperato di fronte alla personale incapacità di costruire rapporti umani duraturi ma soprattutto veri e privi di violenza, si evira e immerso nel sangue e nel dolore, offre il proprio pene alla tristezza senza parole della donna e al pianto del bambino.

New at TheCastingRoom hetero Steponas has solid good looks and a strong body-builder’s body. Training hard and working an intensively physical labourer’s job has given him a fantastically powerful build. He would much rather spend all day being admired and fucking while showing off his healthy young body than hauling bricks around all day. But in order to get enough work to do this he needs to learn that this work is about what the director requires rather than his own pleasure. Here he gets his first lesson in showing all of his naked body in the most revealing positions possible.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

In the CMNM army barracks Private Coulter’s hazing is taken to the most extreme level. The staff sergeant is determined to prove what a pervy bastard he is by sexually teasing him to the point where he grows an erection and spills his semen. The invasive touch of other men fills this proud army lad with shame. It’s going to be difficult for this harassed fella to get back to bed with his tongue and furry chest coated in spunk.

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ES Collection presents DARK DESIRES, a very erotic and sensual video that probably you would love to starring this summer. Because summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen...

Great Skate

Cool dude doing his thing on his skate board.
Top Up Down Bottom