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Spiklenci /2009/ CZ DABING

Cyril Descours in 'Complices' (2009), 8/9m, 32m, 35m, 38m, 48m, 65m
Nespoutaná divoká láska s tragickým a tajemným koncem. Vincent a Rebeca jsou dva mladí lidé, kteří se potkali v internetové kavárně. Na první pohled se do sebe zamilují a tráví spolu veškerý čas. Tato idyla ale končí o pár měsíců později, kdy je Vincentovo tělo nalezeno v řece a Rebeca je nezvěstná. Případu se ujíma inspektor Hervé Cagan a jeho kolegyně Karine. Ti začínají pomocí internetové sítě rozkrývat neuvěřitelný příběh mladého páru. Během vyšetřování přijde šokující zjištění - Vincent prodával své vlastní tělo. Jed Athens Fucks Spencer Fox

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Scored!, Scene 4

After watching a hot distraction in one bedroom, Drake remembers his mystery admirer and continues to explore.

Peeking inside another bedroom he finds his hot stud. Brandon Jones is on the bed, shirtless and stroking his long, hard and uncut cock. Brandon smiles as Drake enters the room. Drake stands at the foot of the bed, pulls out his hard cock and begins to strip as these guys stroke and give each other hot and burning bedroom eyes.

Hot for each other, Drake joins this stud on the bed and takes a mouthful of his big juicy dick. A hot session of cock sucking has both guys getting their fill of big tasty dick.

Taking their passions to the next level, Drake mounts Brandon’s hot ass and goes to town. Brandon takes it like a man and loves every minute as Drake drills him hard from behind. Wanting to fuck even deeper Drake gets Brandon on his back with his ass off the edge of the bed. Brandon strokes his meaty cock until the juices start to fly. Drake continues to pound that hot ass as he watches Brandon cum. Seeing Brandon drenched in his own cum has Drake ready to blow. Pulling out he covers Brandon in his hot load.

Скачай это ВИДЕО!

Artur trained for years as a gymnast which has given him a lean, finely-muscled body with a strong core. The healthy athletic lad is firmly heterosexual but with his frisky nature he’s up for new things. It’s exciting to see such an innocent naïve guy tied up and stripped so his strong body is available to whatever depraved sexual things we want to inflict upon him. His nipples are clamped. Then his perfect virginal asshole is teased, fingered and filled with a buttplug. Artur keeps his emotions carefully guarded but after he’s flogged, caned and paddled he’s moaning as his ass has become incredibly sensitive. See Artur make his debut on BreederFuckers!


Скачай это ВИДЕО!

At BrutalTops Doctor Nick fills an enema container with his urine ready to administer to the patient, filling its bowel with his piss and ordering it to clench it's buttocks and not spill a drop or there will be trouble. Cropped hard for failing it's task the Masters use the sub's slutty wet mouth and tongue to clean their sweaty ass cracks and ball sacks, swallow copious amounts of their gob then face fucking and choking the prick as punishment.

Attaching painful clamps to its nipples the sub is ordered to rim Nicks dirty ass while being masturbated and made to cum, the clamps getting ripped off just at the moment it ejaculates, both Tops laughing at the sub's humiliation and torment


Скачай это ВИДЕО!

Welcome To Europe by Abraham Hurtado

Welcome To Europe by Abraham Hurtado from aadkchannel on Vimeo.


DINO from Travis Mathews on Vimeo.

Kaosz 2010

Kaosz 2010 from Nelson Reguera on Vimeo.

67 Shades of Acrylic

67 Shades of Acrylic from Paul Kindersley on Vimeo.

An erotic tale of body painting

Witherberry - The IE/EP Song HD

Witherberry - The IE/EP Song HD from Witherberry Entertainment on Vimeo.

Warm Pools with Hotter guys - A Tribute to Youth & Homosexuality

Warm Pools with Hotter guys - A Tribute to Youth & Homosexuality from MANTASTICMALES2012 on Vimeo.

Palomas En El Atico

Palomas En El Atico from Alejandro Valbuena on Vimeo.

DSQUARED2 - Virtual Dean & Dan

DSQUARED2 - Virtual Dean & Dan from SUGO on Vimeo.

Answering the door to the pizza guy naked.

I decided to do the whole naked pizza dare thing. Sorry for the tiny view. Had to position my I touch. Didn't work well. Lol I have a sexy ass. Enjoy.

k - corto gay en español

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