Thursday, September 6, 2012 Massage Exchange

Laying down on Brandon Lewis’ massage table, it only takes Austin Wilde a few moments to realize that Brandon has probably done this before. His touch is firm but subtle, and Austin definitely gets the feeling he knows what he’s doing. As far as Brandon is concerned, it’s easy to be so attentive when you have such a nice cock up on the table, so he makes sure to roll Austin over and pay special attention to his groin area. Austin’s cock rises in expectation and Brandon answers the call, spreading his lips around the tip of Austin’s head while fondling his taint. With both in agreement, the massage takes a back seat as Austin strips Brandon’s shorts down and begins to deep throat him, then pushing him back against the massage table, he begins to moisten Brandon’s asshole with his tongue, plunging it deep inside Brandon’s crevice and whetting both of their appetites. Austin is hungry for more, so he slides his dick into Brandon and fucks him standing up against the massage tabl e, then flips around onto his back and lets Brandon have a turn. Brandon pumps Austin’s ass while jacking Austin’s dick, only to flip one more time, where Austin fucks Brandon into cumming submission as he pulls out and explodes all over Brandon’s stomach, rubbing the cum into his skin in a post coital massage of a different kind.

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The horny young builder turns up again to visit the toilet in the bus station. The pervy SneakyPeek cameraman films him through a tiny hole in the wall as he takes off his shirt, pulls down his trousers and flops out his sizable dick - which he starts wanking urgently. His dick gets really fat as he heats up and shoots a big creamy load.


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ブラジルUFO 2012.4.1 下北沢 Studio Bayd にて

What drugs do to a man - Наркотики

Torch Gang Bic Naked playin guitar

The Unicycle Scotsman - The Lawn Mower Fail

The Unicycle Scotsman sets out one more time to display his masculinity and balance on the unicycle by taming a mans second best friend, the lawnmower, but sadly, the edge of the side walk caught him off guard and threw the unicycle out from under him, he face planted and epicly failed by face planting and scorpioning on the ground, he didnt preserve his dignity either...
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