Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nature Boy

My first short gay erotica film. Starring JC Angel

JC is definitely an attractive young man and overall I liked the film. I thought the running water and chirping bird sound effects were a bit much and should be scaled back somewhat both in quantity and volume. I think the most beautiful shots were when he was back lit by the sunset. I also enjoyed the shots where the camera focused on the leaves of a plant with JC blurred in the background. The piano was lovely and I enjoyed the scenery (both nature & JC's).

At BrutalTops cruel medics Nick and Lucas are training lippy sub james; The glowing red stripes across his ass prove james still has a lot to learn to avoid further brutal punishments. Master Lukas sinks his thick rigid cock deep into the sub's anus, ignoring its protests and building a strong steady rhythm as he takes his pleasure. Master Nick has already pushed his stiffening penis between james' lips to get serviced in the sub's slutty wet mouth.

The muscular tag team swap places, Lucas gripping the sub's head in his strong hands as he face fucks the cunt to a messy orgasm. Master Nick unloading his heavy sackful of sperm across james' buttocks, coating them in his thick jizz.


Скачай это ВИДЕО!

boy viet trong nha tam

Serdülőkori játékok - Maladolescenza (teljes film) +18!


Martin Loeb in 'Maladolescenza' (1977), 0-1m, 30m, 56-58m, 62m, 84m

Autoportrait dans une fourmilière - Yann Marussich - 2003

Traversée - Yann Marussich - 2004

Glassed - Yann Marussich & Carter Tutti - 2011

Nuit de Verre - Yann Marussich - 2007

Top Up Down Bottom