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  • July 8, 2014

    The pathetic, naked sub is all alone, cowering on the floor of the sordid basement. Horny Master Jaime enters carrying a belt and immediately begins to menace and humiliate the defeated worm. The sub is ordered to lick the Master's armpits which stink after a hot, sweaty day. Then the sub pulls off Jaime's shoes and licks the feet of the Master with his tongue going deep in between the filthy toes of the sneering Top.

    Then stripped to his underpants, the Master shows off his semi-erect dick through the thin cotton and begins to push around the sub, ordering him to continue licking clean his entire sweaty body. The cowering sub does exactly as he's told.

    By now excited, the dominant Master rams his dick deep into the sub's mouth, making him lick off the stinking crud under his foreskin and deeply swallow the length of Jaime's dick. The Master replies by strapping a dog collar onto the sub with which to pull him about. The Master pushes the sub's head into the urinal and orders him to lick the smeg and pre-cum from the end of his cock.

    Then Jaime reverses onto the sub's face and orders him to push his tongue deep into his Master's asshole. The filthy hole is smeared on the sub's nose as he is used as human toilet paper. By now sporting a massive erection, the Master throws the sub onto his back on the floor and continues pumping his dick into his quietly murmuring mouth. The powerless sub is unable to resist any of the Master's demands.

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