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  • December 6, 2014

    At BrutalTops sadistic schoolboy Lucas returns to cause further damage to pathetic bottom teacher elliott.

    At the start of a lesson, the angry young student finds his teacher completely nude and squirming on the floor. This excites the young thug who quickly strips off his school uniform to reveal a bulging pair of underpants. He thrusts his groin into the runt's face and orders him to lick his stinking, sweaty armpits. With his belt in his hands he menaces the quivering teacher and thrashes him when he fails to obey his orders.

    The sub is ordered to push his nose up into the Master's ass crack and sniffs deeply at the foul-smelling hole. The Master proceeds to grind his hips back to force the sub to push his tongue up his ass and then man-handles the runt so that he's lying on his back. The top then sits on him and groans with pleasure as the sub's face is locked up his asshole.

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