Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hot House – Extreme Fuck Club (Scene 1)

The gloves come off when Sean Duran coaches Micah Brandt in the boxing ring. Duran cannot resist Brandt’s big bubble-butt, especially when the young jock climbs the punching bag and opens his hole to Duran’s probing tongue. Brandt gets on his knees and swallows Duran’s thick cock to the base until he gags on the girth. Duran fucks his face then bends Brandt over to complete his training session by shoving his cock up his ass. Duran pounds Brandt mercilessly until both studs shoot huge loads all over Brandt’s washboard abs and chest.

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Raging Stallion – Landon Conrad & Tyson Tyler

Landon Conrad and Tyson Tyler are lip locked in an embrace. Landon’s perfectly chiseled muscles pulse against Tyson’s glistening skin. Tyson can’t resist going down on Landon’s thick rock hard rod. He opens his throat wide for him and devours every inch like a champion. Landon bends Tyson over, to get at that sweet, perfectly round, smooth ass. Landon grasps and slurps like he’s never had it so good. Untamed, he takes Tyson’s ass and probes it deep with his manly circumference– First by letting Tyson ride it. Tyson gallops on that horse meat like it was a race to finish, then Landon takes over and dominates Tyson on his backside. Landon pulls Tyson’s legs wide and plunges into the deep, pumping harder and harder until he can’t hold back any longer. Tyson sucks out the cum explosion before finally releasing his own load all over the sweat drenched floor.

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Fetish Force – Byron Saint & Armond Rizzo

Armond Rizzo is a hot kinky little fucker. At 5-foot-2, he’s 120 pounds of rock-hard muscle. He’s got dark olive skin and black hair, a thick bush and he’s smooth and uncut. His arm is inserted halfway to the elbow in the ass of Byron Saint, who’s urging him, ‘Yeah, get up in there!’ At 6-foot-5, Byron towers over Armond, but when Brian’s on his back, all you notice is the long, hairy legs. Bottom Byron orders Armond around to maximize his pleasure. He curls forward and presses Armond’s arm further into himself. Armond lubes his entire arm, achieving penetration almost to the elbow. Byron’s abs ripple and clench. He orders Armond to ‘punch that hole’ and Armond commences a left-right invasion to the elbow that makes Byron’s eyes roll back in their sockets until you can only see the whites. Byron gets onto his feet and lowers himself onto Armond’s upright fist, riding it in rapid deep penetration that brings Armond to a gushing climax.

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Next Door Male – Dominic Palmer

Dominic Palmer is a soft-spoken but confident cat who comes from the windy city of Chicago. An extreme sport aficionado, Dominic spends his nights working in clubs and his days recovering, finding a spare moment every now and again to hit the gym and maintain his sculpted physique. Rubbing his hands along his massive chest and shoulders, Dominic reclines on a sofa bed and kicks out of his shoes, slowly undressing down to his undies before letting his cock pop out. He massages his shaft until it perks up a bit more, and then he rubs the head with his forefinger and thumb, watching his cock swell up full and thick, before stroking it into submission and strangling out its milky load.Enjoy!

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Falcon Studios – Landon Conrad & Adrian Hart

Landon Conrad is having a quiet jerk off session on the sofa when Adrian Hart walks in to offer a surprise oral assist. He works on Landon’s very fat cock with oral abandon. Landon bucks, offering groans of vocal encouragement in exchange for this slow, deep suck. Adrian slips a tongue in Landon’s mouth to offer Landon him a taste of himself, then he slides forward to straddle Landon’s hips. He clamps Landon’s dripping cock between his cheeks and puts his hip flexor muscles to work. They roll over and Landon responds with sucking and rimming before plugging Adrian’s hole. Adrian twists his muscular limbs into a pretzel for Landon’s slow entrance. A sit-fuck — both cowboy and reverse — lets Adrian take control of how deep and how hard he’s willing to submit his hole to getting fucked. Landon cums as Adrian eagerly laps it all up. Adrian can hold back and blows a big load on Landon’s still throbbing cock. Adrian sucks Landon clean and goes up for a final wet kiss with Landon.

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At, peering through this tiny hole with my camera, I can spy this horny young guy removing all his clothes and showing off an amazing body. Because I'm filming through such a tiny hole he can't see that I'm filming him - he has a great cock. I've seen this guy in the changing room before - I saw him linger in the showers much little longer than usual a few weeks ago and when he appeared again much later his dick looked like he'd just been wanking. Wow - I wish I'd been in there to see him do that!

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Ho! Terrible Exteriors (28 minutes, 2006)

Ho! Terrible Exteriors (28 minutes, 2006) from Lior S on Vimeo.

Written and directed by Lior Shamriz

With Tal Meiri, Tal Shiff, Moti Brecher, Imri Kahn, Shira Ben-Zeev, Ariel Kleiner and more.

Cinemtography by David Rudoy. Editing by Anat Maltz

Welcome To Europe by Abraham Hurtado

Welcome To Europe by Abraham Hurtado from aadkchannel on Vimeo.


In an age of consumer culture and over-stimulation, what has become of our reality? Which actions, mental states, emotions and symptoms does it produce? With the live installation Welcome to Europe, Abraham Hurtado creates an extended time frame to focus on these questions and experience their resonances.

Executed by: Andrés Agudelo, Félix Arjona, Joris Camelin, Martin Gaube, Hermann Heisig, Gill Viandier
Music: Jan Ferreira
DP: Anders Bigum
Domedeluxe Berlin, September 2010
(c) Abraham Hurtado

VERANO o los defectos de Andrés / SUMMER or the flaws of Andrés

VERANO o los defectos de Andrés / SUMMER or the flaws of Andrés from Reigen on Vimeo.

Cortometraje / Short film (2006) 22min
Written & Directed by Jorge Torregrossa
Cinematography Jose David Montero
Art Direction Mario Attard
Music Christian Tosat
with Andrés Gertrúdix, Sara Simón, Silvia Rey, Félix Gómez

Carl-Mar ser rødt

Carl-Mar ser rødt from KiteSurfs on Vimeo.

Så røg vi lige af Youtube, godt vi har Vimeo. Stadig en fed polterabend, J. Carl-Mar er bare for vild. Enjoy. Tak for alle kommentarerne på den gamle film.

Martin del Amo's UNDER ATTACK (13 min edit)

Martin del Amo's UNDER ATTACK (13 min edit) from Performing Lines on Vimeo.

An excerpt from 'Under Attack' shown at Performance Space in 2005.

Verdes / La Licuadora

Verdes / La Licuadora from Rodrigo Chaverini on Vimeo.

Coreografía & Interpretación / Rodrigo Chaverini.
Asistencia Escénica / Paola Mora.
Música / Fónica, Wim Mertens.
Duración / 14 minutos aprox.

Solo coreográfico que instala a un hombre en una habitación onírica y surrealista, provocándolo hacia la exploración de este lugar que lo encierra. Inherente a esta situación, nace la búsqueda de alguna conexión con el exterior, nace la búsqueda de algo distinto.

Requerimientos Técnicos:
Iluminación estándar, más 3 focos especiales: cenital/diagonal (iluminación de repisa ubicada en suelo), un elipsoide lateral (simulación de luz de ventana), un foco/calle (simulación de luz desde puerta). Amplificación estándar. Fondo posterior de tela (preferencia negro).

Bug Chaser

Bug Chaser from Anything Is Possible Productions on Vimeo.

Nathan's one-night stand ends abruptly when his date finds an alarming growth on his body. As it rapidly gets larger, Nathan gets sicker. He looks to alcohol, the Internet, and a needle for help, but to no avail. Drunk and desperate, Nathan finally reaches out to an unlikely source: a former hook-up, a nurse, who can't believe what he sees.

WARNING: This film contains graphic nudity, sexual situations, and gore. Viewer discretion is advised.

A short horror film from Anything Is Possible Productions.

Beach fun is not just lying in the sun!

Beach fun is not just lying in the sun! from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

As the title suggests, our idea of beach does not really include much time just lying and tanning... there is so much more you can do. Swimming or jogging are obvious choices, but here we show some more ideas, including poi art with kelp! And yes, we do it naked. Naturist and naturalist in one ;-)
This was photographed at Año Nuevo, Four Mile and Black's beaches in California.

Ignición - Ignition by Abraham Hurtado

Ignición - Ignition by Abraham Hurtado from aadkchannel on Vimeo.

The LAB is focused on the perception of the body shown in different states (immobile, in a permanent movement, in speaking, in social / private moments). Starting from the idea of "Ignition" Hurtado studied the approach to the physical consequences or before the occurrence of a particular physical or emotional situation that is directly connected with frustration, brutality, explosion, euphoria, anger or claim. The focus is on the analysis of desolation or the collateral damage inherent in the body just after one of the events mentioned. A glowing body leads us to the next action / emotion.

Centro Negra
Teatro Victoria
28th September 2013 -21h
Blanca Murcia Spain
Top Up Down Bottom