Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Circle Jerk Boys – Phone Sex Interview

Alexander has received a text for a phone interview with CJB. They want to know all kinds of sexy details. They ask him a round of questions and as the interview moves on Alexander starts to pull out his sexy thick cock. While listening to the deep voice coming from the phone Alexander is giving his answers, and all the while he strokes and plays with his massive dick. Towards the end he tells the voice over the phone if he’s ready for his hot load all over the glass table. With a spectacular finish and all the questions answered the mysterious voice is silent and Alexander leaves his fresh load on the table. Enjoy!

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At BrutalTops angry, muscular Master Jaime finds his pathetic sub trussed up on the ground of his sordid basement. Disgusted by what a worm this sub is, the Master makes him lick a filthy toilet before ordering him to run his tongue all over the Master's boots. This excites the Master who then straps a mouth gag onto the sub to keep him quiet before kicking him, knocking him about and then riding him around the room like the donkey he is.

The Master gets his hands on a huge dildo which he makes the squirming sub slide his ass onto. The whole length of it goes up the gaping, rancid asshole of the worthless sub. Then the Master pulls out his own impressive dick and, desperate for a big piss, shots urine all over the feeble body of the sub and then over his face letting it spill into the sub's open mouth. The sub whimpers his complaints about this treatment but has to swallow the urine, much to the seedy delight of the sneering top. By now excited and hard, the Master rams his big dick into the sub's mouth and makes him lick off the drops of piss from his bell-end as he pumps his dick in and out of the sub's mouth.

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Next Door Ebony – Kiern Duecan & Tyce Jax

Tyce Jax and returning Ebony star, Kiern Duecan, are coming together to let passion explode. Tyce is a well-built, sexy guy who’s insatiable when it comes to dudes like Kiern. They’re starting out with some very hot kissing, letting their fattened dicks rub together from underneath their respective pairs of underwear. Tyce goes to his knees and unleashes Kiern’s large, uncut cock. He doesn’t waste any time taking the throbbing dick deep, licking and sucking Kiern’s balls as well. Then they move to the bed where Kiern pulls out Tyce’s piece and enjoys it thoroughly with some sucking and bobbing of his own. They move into the 69 position so Kiern can lick Tyce’s sweet hole while Tyce continues devouring Kiern’s erection. And once Tyce’s ass is nice and wet, Tyce climbs on Kiern’s behemoth cock and rides it hard. Then Kiern repositions so he can slam Tyce while jerking his fat dick too. Get ready to experience extremely hot action as these two powerful men exchange steaming-hot sexual energy in this erotic, fully-charged encounter. Enjoy!

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Extra Big Dicks – Hung Love

The door quietly unlocks and two handsome lovebirds come walking into a candlelit room. Doug and Jacques immediately start making out passionately right at the door near the candles and slowly move into the bedroom. The passion that brews between them is finally let loose in the form of kissing, sucking and erotic ass play. Slow and steady throughout their heightened encounter, they rub and fuck their way to bliss. Enjoy!

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Hot sporty stud Bryan wears nothing but his footy sock, cleats and his jock strap. He’s tied down on the table with his arse inviting spread and his pink hetero arsehole fully on show. The angry fucker won’t stop cursing and moaning so his mouth is wrapped up to silence him. In such a prone position Dave only has to lightly brush aside the thin fabric of his jock to reveal his pendulous balls and big meaty cock. He aggressively tugs on him until the pervy fucker’s cock is engorged and weighty in his fist. But this isn’t about Bryan’s pleasure. It’s never been about his pleasure. His legs are sufficiently spread to give easy access to his fuckhole. His package is bound tight. A fucking machine is wheeled out with a big rubber cock ready to be rammed into him. Dave gobs all over his pink arse and he’s ordered to suck the spit into his arse so he’s nicely lubed. The dildo is slid up his hole and his arse is rammed open. His hole is gaping wide to take a long hard fucking from the machine. The speed is steadily ramped up as his arse is plowed into. Dave pegs his cock and balls all over so they are made highly sensitive. To serve up the final humiliation Bryan’s proud face is covered with a fresh spray of piss as Dave urinates all over his handsome features.

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