Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Falcon Studios – Jimmy Durano & Chris Bines

An overnight snowstorm has left drifts everywhere. Jimmy Durano and Chris Bines wrestle and have a snowball fight, then seek the warmth of each other’s body indoors. When Jimmy’s hard, he’s big! His one-piece long johns are unbuttoned to the waist and tented by a raging erection that’s way more than a handful for Chris. Chris attaches his lips to Jimmy’s torso and covers every square inch on sculpted flesh with licks, nips and kisses. When he arrives at Jimmy’s cock, he employs a combination of spit, mouth and hand to stimulate it from tip to base. Jimmy tumbles him onto a table and runs his tongue along the hair-lined crack of his ass, eliciting deep moans. Chris reaches back to spread his buns, making way for the huge cock that’s about to rivet him. When Chris flips onto his back, he shows hard, convex pecs lined with faint dark hair. Jimmy pins Chris’ ankles together and increases his speed and intensity, until Chris’ cries echo through the room. A fast turnabout and Jimmy fucks Chris’ face until his blood vessels throb and cum flies like the blizzard outside the window.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

Bright young businessman Rob is very tense about this interview as he's desperate for the job. He's rushed to get in and his mind is racing to prepare answers to potential questions he might be asked. Nothing can prepare him for the sorts of intimate questions Dave puts to him or the very thorough physical examination that's demanded. He's caught totally off guard as his hefty cock is released and stimulated so he can't control himself from growing a thick hard erection.

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Bound Jocks – Joseph Rough Electrifies Armond Rizzo

Bound jock Armond Rizzo is tied down with his legs spread and ass open ready for an ass workout. Hot stud Joseph Rough enters and starts to warm up Armond’s hole with a 7′ driver butt plug. After his hole is nice and stretched, Joseph works an electric plug up Armond’s eager hole. Joseph then cranks up the juice and watches the bound jock squirm to an ecstatic finish!

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Next Door Buddies – I Love My Job

For Anthony Verruso, it’s hard to qualify what the best part of his job at the sperm bank is. The job is easy and the pay is pretty good, but what Anthony really enjoys is the interaction he has with all the hot guys that come in. Now there’s one guy in particular that Anthony wouldn’t mind interacting with, and when Brandon Bronco finds himself stuck in the donation room for about an hour without any luck, it seems Anthony has finally stumbled upon the perfect opportunity. Anthony begins by stroking and massaging Brandon’s cock, then taking it deep into his mouth and downing it. Brandon throws his head back in pleasure as Anthony continues to suck him off, and as he grows harder and bigger, Anthony has visions of taking it in and riding it deep. Brandon obliges him and Anthony mounts Brandon’s shaft as Brandon pounds away, fucking up into Anthony as he grinds down on Brandon’s dick, before Brandon bends him over, smacking Anthony’s tight ass and hammering away as Anthony’s eyes roll back into his head, before Brandon unleashes his load and fills up half a cup. Looking at his huge payload deposit, Brandon books an appointment for the following week: same time, same place, same big finish. Anthony realizes this might be best job he’ll ever have.Enjoy!

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At TheCastingRoom Philip is a cavalier young man who knows he has a good body and a big dick and isn’t shy of capitalizing on them. The only trouble is this proud heterosexual is disgusted by the thought of having his asshole poked at all or engaging in any sexual activity with another man. What little foresight! He expresses an interest in being led into kinkier aspects of human sexuality but is shy about venturing into them himself. This lad is going to need a little coaxing, but in the meantime this is the very first footage of this stud being filmed stark naked and stroking his massive cock.


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