Thursday, June 5, 2014


In the horny new video at when one of the bouncers at the club starts throwing his weight around he gets on the nerves of the partying clubbers. The power has clearly gone to this guy's head and he struts around as though he owns the place. The women trick him out of his clothes and the buff man is overwhelmed while they stroke his naked form and squeeze his cock.

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Next Door World – The Big Bust

Parker London is sitting in the stall like he always does, stroking his dick, just hoping for some action. Little does he know he’s about to get more than he bargained for. Officer James Jamesson is on a mission to clean up these streets, one perv at a time. A true believer in giving them a taste of their own medicine, James discovers Parker fucking around in the bathroom and decides to make an example of him, pulling him out the stall and throwing him on the ground. But the rougher he gets, the more it turns Parker on, and when he pulls out his cock and shoves it down Parker’s throat it drives Parker wild. After gagging on James’ cock, James pulls Parker’s pants down and slips his hard dick into Parker’s waiting ass, Parker screaming as James pounds away, pushing him up against the side of the stall as he pumps and pokes Parker. And as James busts his nut all over Parker’s balls, Parker wonders whether this is punishment or a reward for his patience. Either way he’ll probably be back.Enjoy!

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High Performance Men – Bucked & Fucked

Jake is horny as fuck and he has a shit ton of money that is burning a hole in his pocket and he wants to make it rain for one lucky guy. He calls up Matt demanding he come over and he will double his rate if he cancels all his plans and rushes over ASAP. Wham Bam and he shows up in a flash but unexpectedly Jake turns the tables on him and bends him over the couch right when he closes the door. Matt is just going with the flow and Jake rips off his pants revealing a sexy jockstrap and a nice open hole for some licking. Jake dominates Matt but he does let him call some shots once he lets Matt start fucking his tight eager hole. They both love eating ass and milking the balls so get ready for some hot sexy dominating with milky warm loads. Enjoy!

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