Monday, June 16, 2014

At, dressed in rugby kit, brand new Master Kasper appears fresh from a game of rugby keen to start his harsh treatment of the pathetic sub waiting for him in the sordid sex basement. Completely naked, the quivering sub soon feels the lashes of the Master's belt after the snarling top orders the sub to lick his dirty rugby boots. Unable to fight against the Master's wishes, the sub runs his tongue all over the rough, filthy leather.

Then the mean Master pumps a dildo into the sub's mouth and makes him ream on it. Obviously enjoying the damage he's inflicting on the sub, the Master orders him to slide down onto the dildo when he has to sit on the whole length of it and push it deep into his gaping arsehole. The Master gobs into the sub's face before pulling out his dick and pissing into the back of the sub's mouth, making him swallow the stinking liquid.

This excites the top who then pulls out his meaty dick more fully and pushes his, by now, fully erect dick into the sub's mouth and makes him swallow the whole length. The unclean dick was previously covered in smegma which the sub has to lick off, much to the sadistic pleasure of the angry, aggressive new Master.

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Next Door Male – Anthony Verruso

Anthony Verruso is a long lashed Tampa native with great eyes and a fit physique. Though he speaks softly, he carries a big stick, which is on full display as he peels his tiny camo shorts off his ass, letting them hit the floor as he reclines on a cot and spreading his legs, turning over on his knees and fingering his hole deep and hard, before rolling back over and rubbing his cock from base to tip, slowly at first, then more steadily and feverishly, before he spews his load in bubbling eruption that drips that makes a mess on his hands and a puddle on his stomach. Enjoy!

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Hot House – Extreme Fuck Club (Scene 2)

Alexander Gustavo turns the Extreme Fuck Club into the Extreme Suck Club when Dylan Strokes gets off his motorcycle and whips out his thick nine incher. The hungry dick pig deep throats Dylan’s cock until the hung top orders Alexander to get on his back so he can fuck him. Strokes’ huge dick looks like it might break Gustavo in half as he pounds it in and out of the young jock’s ass but Alexander begs for more. Strokes thrusts his rock hard meat balls-deep into Alexander’s hole until neither of them can keep from jacking loads out of their engorged cocks.

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Raging Stallion – Angel Rock & Chris Bines

Pork is also a verb, and that’s what Angel Rock plans to do to Chris Bines as soon as he returns from the meat locker. Both men are extra sweaty under their leather aprons, and Angel takes a deep whiff when he kneels to suck Chris’ cock. Rotating him like meat on a spit, Angel brings Chris’ meaty haunches into range of his probing tongue. Chris gets his hole skewered in rapid succession by Angel’s finger and huge prong of a cock. Chris has a toned and slightly hairy chest that comes into view when he sucks Angel, using lots of spit to help that big sausage slide smoothly down his gullet. The meat hooks hanging from the ceiling double as handles for Chris to grab onto when he straddles Angel and lowers himself onto that cock for more fucking. A double shot of love juice on Chris’ sexy abs and both studs are spent.

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At city banker Kasper has the tables turned on him good and proper. Adrian convinces him to come to his lair for a chat about insurance. Unbeknown to Kasper a hoodlum is waiting to do him over. Kasper is grabbed and later opens his eyes to find himself tied spread eagled unable to move or fight off Adrian's lusty advances. The sexy stud's arms and legs are tied apart so he can only spit his anger while Adrian undresses him. His shirt is opened revealing perfect chest and stomach. His trousers and pants are pulled right down exposing his precious straight cock and balls and his perfect muscular backside and legs. Kasper complains, claiming that when he is late returning to his office the alarm will be raised. He swears and curses so much that Adrian wraps heavy tape around his mouth several times to gag his moans. To punish him Adrian takes a flogger and whacks Kasper's totally nude body all over, making the poor straight boy tense, buck and scream into his gag. Adrian belts the straight stud right between the legs several times giving his nuts and cock a stinging flogging. His bum is then belted red raw. Then a couple of weighted crocodile clips on the nipples gives the Banker the punishment he truly deserves. If the straight bastard wants relief from the torment of his nipples there is only one thing he can do. Swing his naked body about sexily, but painfully, until the sharp clips fling off from his nipples. It gets worse for the straight cunt as Adrian ties a rope noose around his neck and suspends Kasper from a high beam. With oxygen becoming a little lacking, Kasper isn't able to fight back as Adrian begins to plunder the straight's hole, firstly with relentless pervy fingers. Penetrating and defiling the lad. Unable to resist the appeal of straight pussy, Adrian drops his trousers and penetrates Kasper's asshole with his own stiff cock. Kasper finds himself on the receiving end of the height of humiliation and degradation. Tied naked, virtually hanged and fucked right up his tight ass for the first time. His prolonged anal defilement puts Kasper in the depths of despair. But his systematic degradation is far from over.

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