Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net Rob doesn't know how things have escalated so fast, but now he's stark naked on his hands and knees being evaluated like some beast at auction. It would feel foolish to back out now and he needs this job so desperately he grits his teeth and allows Dave to inspect him. Nothing can prepare him for the shocking sensation of having his asshole penetrated for the first time as Dave rams his fingers and then a giant dildo up his tight warm hole. Covered in cold sweat and red in the face, Rob braces himself to take it.

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Maskurbate – Calvin Fucks

Just weeks before his bodybuilding competition, Calvin, a.k.a. the Gladiator, took a break from his intensive training and came to our Studios to try the new Fleshlight Mount. That session was an opportunity to learn more about Calvin, especially about his sexual fantasies, his definition of a perfect blowjob and his preference towards anal sex. When I handed the Fleshlight to him, I didn’t know it was his first try. I could tell that he got really excited and with every stroke, he was on the verge of cumming as he slowly took it up and down his shaft. But before he did, I asked Calvin to try the Fleshlight Mount, to give it a good fuck. And he did! Not only did he enjoy it, he told us afterwards that it was better than the real thing!

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Men Over 30 – #PumpAppreciation

Vic has had a long day at the gym but it’s not fully over just yet. He’s back at the locker room checking out the aftermath from the rigorous workout and he begins to take some pics of just how well he’s doing. Pose after pose, he shows off for the camera sending the pics to his twitter. He loves to see his bulging muscles in all their glory as the sweat drips from them. Finally he is turned on from all the posing and he reveals his tight jock-strap hugging his throbbing hard on. Vic begins to bend over in front of the mirror so he can see his ass while his fingers go in and out of his tight smooth hole. Vic’s precum is oozing all over the place and he frequently uses it as lube. Come check this hunk out while he poses, bends, and cums all over the mirror. Enjoy!

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Raging Stallion – Landon Conrad & Seven Dixon

Landon Conrad and Seven Dixon are kissing, their hands reaching out for cocks and balls, their tongues seeking each other’s mouths. Seven pushes Landon onto a couch and takes what he wants. Muscles flex and collide. He smothers Landon’s face with his ass, he inhales Landon’s hard cock, then submits to a pounding of ferocious intensity. Sweat drips; mixed with spit and lube, it becomes a lust potion. Seven’s abs clench and ripple as his orgasm gathers force, erupting in clots of spunk that spatter across his torso. Landon steps back. His balls are pulled up so tight in his scrotum that the shaft of his cock looks twice as long. Seven grabs Landon’s hairy nipples and pinches hard, triggering fountains of cum that he tries to catch in his mouth.

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Ray has led a careful protected existence up until this point in TheCastingRoom. He went to school and played football to his heart’s content. Now he’s 18 and has to go out into the world to earn a living. While he’s still young and got the balls to try anything he takes his first steps into become a porn star by auditioning here. He’s as straight as an arrow and wary about anything other than missionary sex, but give him time. Caught here on video are Ray’s first nerve-wracking moments stripping fully naked and getting an intimate physical exam including a close up of his puckered no-go anus.

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