Friday, June 20, 2014

Bound Jocks – Armond Rizzo – Electric Box

Bound jock Armond Rizzo just can’t get enough of the electric plug up his ass. We introduced him to electricity for the first time a couple weeks back with Joseph Rough, so this week when we weren’t looking Armond snuck back into the studio to see how far he could go with it if he was in control. Once he gets the plug securely in and ties his own ankles together, Armond sits back and enjoys the jolts of electricity pulsating in his ass. He cranks it up higher and higher and moans louder and louder until he squirts his load all over his perfect mocha chest.

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Circle Jerk Boys – Locker Room Buddy

Liam just got back from a long intensive run and he has sweat dripping all down his body. He notices that the tip of his cock is poking out from his jogging shorts and he begins to rub himself. Slowly he pulls out his massive cock and begins to stroke it with both hands feeling himself becoming harder and harder. Liam has his head kicked back eyes closed enjoying himself when Toby walks in and startles Liam. Liam who isn’t shy at all invites Toby over to play and lucky for him Toby is down on his knees gulping his dick. Toby just finished wrestling and this was the last thing he thought would happen to him. They both strip fully naked and Toby gets the privilege of fucking Liam’s sexy ass in any position he wants. Liam who is up for anything and everything gets the final blast of hot cum all over his face.

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