Monday, June 23, 2014

Master Jaime can't wait to fuck the living daylights out of his pathetic, cringing sub. But first he needs to humiliate him fully and orders the sub to lick clean a filthy urinal where stale piss has dried on.

Watching the worm degrade himself gets the Master excited so soon the horny top's dick is pulled from his tight underpants and the sub has to nuzzle his nose all over it before the top rams it deep into the sub's unworthy mouth. Swallowing the length of the dick down, the sub is then made to turn around and push his face into the toilet bowl before the excited Master rams his sizeable cock deep into his asshole.

The sub is then thrown onto the ground on all fours and the energetic top continues the damage of the sub's hole before he has to turn onto his back and, with his legs up in the air, the muscular, snarling Master continues to fuck his hole hard.

The Master reveals his hairy asshole as he pumps away and soon his dick is quivering with spunk before he shoots his load into the face of the sub. The complaining sub has to swallow the jizz down and the rampant top wipes the remains of his load over the sub's pathetic, defeated face.

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At, labourer Bobby is bound with his hands tied behind his back and his blue jeans pulled down enticingly to show off a horny taste of builder’s arse crack. It only takes a slight tug to the waistband to reveal his cheeks and the tight puckered hole. Bobby moans his objections through the ball gag fixed over his mouth. Sliding them down further reveal his dangling meaty cock and big full balls. Bent over in this crouched position his head goes bright red. Every facial expression is on show while his arsehole, cock and balls are all on full display. His arse is caned to raise a crisscross of red stripes on those peachy cheeks. The jeans tugged down around his knees restrict his movement but he still lashes out with his body after each lick from the cane. He’s desperate to rub his sore bottom and it’s agony to be unable to sooth himself. Bobby would do anything to stop more lashing – even suck a stiff prick that’s presented in front of his face. Little does he know he’s just prepping this cock to be inserted up his tight rectum. Crouched in this strained position with his head crushed flat against the pedestal while being ploughed in the behind is excruciating, demanding work. All hot young labourers should be put on dick sucking and arse slut duty after parading around in front of us all day with their arse cracks on show. Bobby takes a relentless fucking from both men till he’s begging for mercy and his hole is screwed raw. That sweet little crack is drenched in sperm – as every builder’s should!

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