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  • February 28, 2015

    At BrutalTops, snarling Master Kirk returns to finish off the humiliation of pathetic sub elliott.

    Lashed to a bench, completely nude, the squirming sub is powerless to prevent Kirk from doing whatever he likes with him. Slapping his arse hard, the Master barks order at the sub and gobs in his face and snots into his worthless mouth.

    With piss dribbling from the end of his cock the Master then decides to inject water deep into the sub's arsehole and when the filthy water gushes out, the Master catches it in a glass and orders the sad loser to drink it down. Finally, the Top thrashes the sub's arse and deep red welt appear on his white arse. Will this feeble sub ever be able to sit down again after this merciless arse whipping?

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