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  • May 10, 2015

    May 10

    Rich Sebastian & Cayden Wyatt BAREBACK in Boston

    Hola Rich Sebastian! This SUPER SEXY new porn model is from Bolivia and apart from the stunning accent he's easy on the eyes and the hottest thing he's done is be part of a 20 person orgy. Lucky Cayden Wyatt gets to appear with him in his first on screen adventure. The two have great chemistry and Rich devours Cayden's hole like an absolute pro. The grin on Cayden's face just shows how good that feels and he keeps grinning as Rich fucks him bareback, cums on his ass and then fucks it right back in there.

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    Trace Van De Kamp & Blake Mast Kinky Trace Uses Blake!

    race has a new toy, a head cam that allows him to enjoy himself hands free while getting all the fun on video. Lucky Blake is the first one to get the POV treatment in a kinky session of bondage and bareback ownership as Trace blindfolds and cuff him, eases his naked cock into his ass and fucks him until his cum is ready, feeding him that hot cream!

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    Zack Randall & Jizzy McBone Straight Jock Jizzy Lends A Hand

    Zack and Jizzy are out in the pool when cocks get hard and demand some attention. Jizzy gets stroking on his hard jock cock, with Zack beating his own uncut meat while he films some up-close action. With the guys sharing a jack off you hope they get a little closer, and after Jizzy spews his cum out over his fit body he gives us a little of what we want and jacks Zack off too! Taking the boys heavy cum load over his chest is the perfect horny finish!

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    Jizzy McBone Squirting Cum In The Sun

    Jizzy loves to lay around in the sun, developing that tan all over his fit jock body. He can never refuse his cock though, even when he's outside and it starts to thicken up! Stroking himself off and enjoying pleasant thoughts (we'd love to be in his head!) he jerks off to a cummy finish with hot jock jizz streaming down to his tight stomach!

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    Brent Andrews Brent Strokes His Big Dick

    Brent is a very hot performer, no stranger to showing off on video having started out in his early 20's. He's back after a break from the business, but that hard and curved cock gets right back into the swing of things as he strokes himself off and answers some questions for the fans. He's a very fit young man with a great body, but that dick and those heavy balls are perhaps the best things about him. Watch him enjoying his dick in a solo, splashing the cum out over his stomach, finishing with a taste of his hot goo!

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    Cal Kennedy Bound Boy Jack Off Show!

    Cal has a hard thick cock desperate for satisfaction, and even though he's been bound and tied to the bed he's not going to let those ropes stop him from jerking that big twink dick and get the cum pumping from his balls! With a condom helpfully slid down his cock he's finally allowed to cum, and with the mess dumped over his chest he's left to bathe in the afterglow.

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    Luke Desmond Catch Up With Hung Luke

    Do you remember when big-dicked Luke started out with us way back? He's still one of our hottest, and we're so glad to have him back on the bed to tell us what he's been up to. Of course, re need a reminder of what he's packing too, and he eagerly reveals his gorgeous 9 inch cock for a cum pumping wank session!

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    Danny Montero & Andro Maas Andro Cums So Hard With Danny!

    Bisexual Danny knows how to please a guys arse, and although hung stud Andro has the kind of thick and meaty uncut cock most guys want to ride he's always open to getting rammed in the butt! The guys feast on each others dicks to work each other up, but the rimming of Andro's wanton hole gives the signal that some deep dicking is about to commence! Watch as Andro gets it all over the room and blasts out a massive load of cum over himself, soon joined by Danny's erupting dick! Cum eating to finish? Yes please!

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    Ashton Bradley, Scott Williams & Izan Loren Made To Fuck A Tight Hole

    Ashton already has gorgeous new boy Izan naked and restrained in a straight jacket, but after wanking and sucking that uncut dick and running a pinwheel over it he has more to offer! Fellow captive Scott is soon brought in, tied up and bent over, made to take Izan's punished dick in his snug hole while Ashton wanks him off!

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    Deacon Hunter & Timmy Treasure An Arse Stretching Pounding

    You almost feel sorry for sexy Timmy sitting naked and roped-up uncomfortably on the ground... almost! Deacon has no sympathy, he's only looking to squirt out a cum load. He wanks the boy, plays with his hole, feeds him his big uncut dick, slides a fuck toy into his pucker and stretches him open for his raging shaft, then slams him right there on the ground! With some insulting spitting in Timmy's open mouth Deacon wanks himself off and showers him with cum, the best way to leave a fuck slave!

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    Lex Lane & Devin Reynolds Caught In The Crossfire

    Horny straight guys Lex and Devin don't care who's around when they need to stroke out a cum load. The boys get to work on their cocks, taking glimpses of each other as they beat their meat and stroke up a cum wad. Unfortunately, we moved at just the wrong time and got caught in the crossfire as Lex began shooting his jizz out, splashing the camera! Much laughter ensued, but despite the sticky mess we carried on to see Devin pump his load out too. What a fun evening!

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    Jake Reid Jake And His Str8 Fat Cock!

    Jake is back to share his fat cock with us once more. He knows you guys love that big tool between his legs, and who knows maybe he'd even let you suck on it for him if the money was right? He's working up his thick meat and stroking that length off until his cum is ready, then it's leaking out of his helmet in up-close detail.

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