Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Club Inferno Dungeon – Dominic Pacifico & Armond Rizzo

Armond Rizzo’s eyes are already rolling back into his head–he’s in his bottoming zone, and Dominic Pacifico is plugging Armond’s hole with a toy. Not just any toy: neon green, flanged and flared, with textures that are giving his bowels a serious stretching! Dominic slaps the base of the toy, daring Armond to take it all the way to the base. Armond accepts the challenge: when Dominic puts the toy in Armond’s face, Armond contributes spit for lube. Finally, a glimpse of Armond’s pink man cave is visible through his puckered hole. Dominic switches to another toy: smooth, bright yellow, and massive! It stretches Armond’s hole to a new extreme, and Armond can’t help grabbing his bulge inside his jockstrap. Grasping himself behind his knees, he pulls his legs as far back as they’ll go, and when Dominic pulls out the massive yellow dick, Armond’s hole blooms outward in a massive red mound with the smooth pink sphincter at the center!

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Next Door Twink – What’s A Twunk?

Trent Ferris and Sam Truitt enjoy laughing and goofing off every chance they get, especially on a lazy day without much else going on. When Sam asks Trent if he’s ever heard of something called a ‘Twunk,’ Trent takes a guess that it must refer to a Twink who’s a bit more muscular than average. Sam asks if he counts as a Twunk, but Trent teases him by saying Sam needs to spend some more time in the gym first. Then Trent tells Sam that their neighbor, Lucas Knight, is a much better example of a ‘twunk.’ Then, by extreme coincidence, Lucas shows up at their front door!Poor Lucas was caught in the rain while jogging and wants to use Sam and Trent’s phone to call for a ride. Sam can see exactly what Trent was talking about…Lucas is HOT! The boys use some quick seduction to get Lucas out of his clothes, although he doesn’t put up much resistance. Trent and Sam both go to their knees and share Lucas’s firm erection. Trent sucks hard for a while as Sam moves up Lucas’s body and lands on his mouth where the two kiss passionately. The trio move to the couch where Lucas continues slurping Lucas’s knob and Sam goes around for a nice taste of Trent’s hole. It’s not long before Sam slides his massive cock into his boyfriend, Sam’s, tender ass. Lucas gets behind Sam and fucks him at the same time, forming a three-man bang chain. And this rainy-day romp isn’t over until Lucas gets a turn slamming Trent’s hot pocket too. What a way to get more familiar with your TWUNK neighbor! Enjoy!

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Dylan Lucas – Can’t Look Away

I knew Casey from college and called him up when I was moving into town and he let me crash with him while I looked for a place, which I was grateful for. What Iwasn’t grateful for was that he literally never wore anything besides his underwear. Not that itwasn’t a great view, I mean, he was gorgeous, nice legs, tight ass, amazing abs. Watchinghim strut around in practically nothing was certainly not unpleasing… and that was sort of theproblem. I was a guest so I was trying to be polite and respectful but I was constantly catchingmyself staring at him. I never got used to it, and I’m sure he noticed, because he’d catch myeyes, or smile at me wryly. I think he liked the attention, but it made things awkward… at leastfor me… he was obviously completely at ease. So we’d go about that way everyday; me tryingnot to stare and him being a total tease wearing essentially nothing, until one day a few daysbefore I was moving into my new place, I called him out on it. ‘Don’t pretend for a second thatyou don’t like it. I’ve seen how you check me out all the time.’I tried to deny, but it wasn’t much use, since I couldn’t stop myself from checking him out even inthe middle of the conversation. So he took it to the next level and started teasing me, pulling thewaistband down a little, turning around to shake his butt. I just laughed at that point, but the truthwas I was incredibly turned on. I think he could tell because he was clearly encouraged. Hepulled them off all the way and bent himself over the couch. ‘C’mon, now’s your chancebuddy,’ he said wagging his tail.I was shocked. This was a new level. He was handing it to me right there in the middle of theroom and I didn’t know what to do. But after a few moments I listened to my rock hard dick andplunged my face into his ass.It ended up being just a one time thing. He teases me about it sometimes still, but I’ll take it. Itwas completely worth it.

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Active Duty – Adam

Today Mike is introducing us to a clean cut wholesome looking fellow from Tampa, Florida named Adam. He’s 5′ 10′ and weighs in at around 170lbs. Adam likes to surf a lot and hang out with his buddies. When Mike says it’s taken him a long time to get Adam to finally come around, Adam just flashes this big shit eating grin that shows off a beautiful smile.Once Mike leaves Adam to his own devices he seems to get comfortable pretty quick. From the beautiful soft hair covering his gorgeous legs to his baby smooth chest, Adam bares it all. But once he finally treats us to a view of that perfect penis and how much he’s enjoying himself as he strokes it, you’ll fall in love. He puts on a nice show and pops a huge nut all over his stomach.

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