Saturday, February 7, 2015

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, Charlie is normally very outspoken and ready to give cheek to the teachers at school. But here in the stark doctor's surgery he is reduced to tears. He feels so ashamed at his nudity and the doctor's invasive questions about his sexual habits. But he really has no choice in the matter – he must submit to a penis and rectal examination.

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New video Lord Barkwith at CFNMTV, begins with hot hetero man Rob emerging from the shower. His girlfriend Charlotte is about to leave on her trip to the Barkwith Country Residence. She's determined to create a lasting memory of him that she can take with her into the house. His naked body is wet and she takes her time drying him from head to the tip of his long uncut penis.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

Having fathered two children, footballer Lee Towser’s sperm is known to be incredibly potent. The Mancastle United football club board members wish to extract a sample of this healthy young man’s sperm to ascertain his total value when finalizing his contract negotiations. His sleek strawberry-blonde cock grows tumescent in the suited men’s hands and stiffens so uncontrollably hard that the unrestrained naked sportsman ejaculates all over the club’s new owner. If Lee is to be admitted to the upper echelons of the football elite he will be required to submit to considerably more naked training at the hands of the board members. Find horny new Clothed Male/Naked Male videos at!

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Snarling Master Kirk at BrutalTops returns to continue the humiliating treatment of feeble sub elliott. Both begin completely naked and Kirk rams his long, fat dick into the back of the mouth of the sub, making him ream. The top needs to piss so just uses the fool as a human toilet and orders him to swallow down his warm urine.

This excites the Master who turns the sub around and gets him to spread open his arse cheeks before thrusting in his rock-hard cock. The menacing Master pumps hard into the squirming, complaining sub and gives him a thorough fucking.

On his back and with the Master's dick deep inside him, the powerless sub can do nothing to prevent this pounding until Kirk can hold back no longer and pulls out his meaty dick to shoot spunk all over the sub's face. The sadistic top orders the weak sub to swallow the jizz and uses his cock and fingers to push every last drop of the spunk into the sub's mouth from where elliott has to swallow it down.

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