Saturday, February 14, 2015

Next Door Twink – My Valentine

Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris are one of the cutest couples you’ll ever see. They do EVERYTHING together! That’s why on Valentine’s Day, Trent is making sure to surprise his gorgeous boy in the most delightful way. He’s awaken early to make Sam breakfast in bed. As Sam slumbers, Trent works hard scrambling eggs, making toast, and preparing delicious fruit. When he presents Sam with the perfectly arranged platter, Sam is flooded with emotion. ‘You remembered Valentine’s Day!’ ‘Of course!’ Trent replies, smiling, still fully nude. Sam gets out of bed and the two embrace, kissing passionately. Sam goes down to his knees and sucks Trent’s dick to life. Sam loves feeling his boyfriend’s cock become firm while inside his mouth. After enjoying the fervent sucking for a while, Trent switches positions so he can slurp on Sam’s hard boner. It isn’t long before Trent is sliding his fat, wet cock into Sam’s tender ass. Sam knows when Trent is especially turned on, and this is one of those occasions. He takes a nice, proper pounding from Trent behind him, before laying on his back for more hard slamming. And Sam is capping off the morning’s vigorous romp by riding Trent’s beautiful dick. Cum with this romantic duo and help them celebrate this special day for lovers. Enjoy!

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Active Duty – Mark

Mark hails from Dallas, where he says he’s lived for about 5 or 6 years. At 5’9′ and 140 lbs, he’s still got that new recruit look to him, with a wiry frame and a cute, boyish face that probably got him teased a lot in basic training.Mark teases us for a bit with just flashes of his bulge, as he gets his dick worked up under his sky blue boxer briefs. He could be doing anything under those undies of his, but sure enough, the head of his dick starts to peek out the side as he gets himself nice and hard for you. When he decides all that fabric is getting in the way, he gives us a great introduction to his abs, and can’t help giving us a little tease of his hole when he lifts his legs to pull off his boxer briefs.But who’s satisfied with just a tease? Mark knows what we’re paying to see, and after some rubbing to get us all in the mood, he flips over onto his knees and starts fingering his hungry hole. Even as he turns back around to give us a proper show, his finger keeps probing and playing with his beautiful butthole. It’s an incredible sight to see his hot long dick sticking straight up as he rubs and fingers away.

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Next Door Ebony – First Date Fuck

Sometimes, the excitement on a first date can be so intense, it makes both parties’ dicks hard. This is one of those first dates. Brandon Jones is stoked to be sitting with hunky XL, sipping wine in XL’s apartment. They met at the gym last week and the chemistry was palpable. Now they’re looking deeply into each other’s eyes, just waiting for the right moment to pounce. It’s not long before the wine glasses are empty and Brandon is slurping deep on XL’s fat cock. He’s taking the whole thing down, loving every inch of hard dick. And XL is enjoying Brandon’s fat dong as well. He’s been fantasizing about sucking Brandon ever since their first exchange at the gym. From there, XL is turning Brandon around and tasting his sweet ass. XL is getting it ready for what’s next: XL’s huge erection. Watch him slam his new boy toy’s tender hole with passion as these gorgeous guys get to know one another. Enjoy!

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Maskurbate – Cuffed with Brad & Pascal

We often see models being cuffed, but rarely see the opposite. So, for a change, the host (myself) is being cuffed by the model. Brad had a lot of fun teasing me with perfect body and his huge cock, almost touching my face with it. As for myself, I found the experience exciting and frustrating at the same time. Yet, another fantasy fulfilled! I especially liked the cumshot at the end. Watch and you’ll see why… Tasty!

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Male Reality – Martin Love & David Road

Everyone wants to get ahead of the game but this employee sure knows how to get himself in the right place at the right time.

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Icon Male – Trenton Ducati & Joshua Pierce

From “Gay Massage House”

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Next Door Male – Chris Noxx

Chris Noxx is a wild one from Tampa who has no reservations when it comes to shaking things up. Whether he’s stripping down at his job as a go go dancer or getting freaky in front of the camera, this stud has got no time to let his inhibitions slow him down. We catch up to him reclining on a chaise lounge, naked and fully extended, cock in hand. He rubs himself semi-stiff, whacking his dick against his stomach in a low and satisfying thud, before he flogs the head, playing with the tip as it leaks out a bead of jizz as a promise of what’s to cum. Ever the freak, Chris rolls over and inserts his index finger deep into his asshole, playing with the rim and squeezing his cheeks as he continues to beat himself off. Finger-fucking himself, he brings himself close to climax before rolling back over, spreading his legs wide as they can go, and launching his load all over himself as he throws his head back against the sofa. Enjoy!

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Cock Virgins – Can I Kiss You?

Blake’s been trying out for the soccer team 3 years in a row now and he just can’t seem to make it on the team. He doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong or how to get better. He’s resting on the bench super bummed out practically crying when Dylan walks to comfort him. Dylan tries to reassure him that he’ll make it next time around no problem. Dylan begins to massage his shoulder which seems to be calming him down. Dylan than asks him if it’s ok that they kiss and sure enough they both start making out. In small steps Dylan makes his way down and begins to suck on his cock but first always asking to make sure its ok since Blake has never been with a guy and really not sure how to act. Blake begins to let loose some and eventually Dylan has him ride his fat uncut cock. He sits all the way down on it and Dylan can’t believe how tight his ass is from him tensing up. Trying to make him relax some Dylan lays him on his back and fucks him deeper until Blake feels the warm sensation of all his cum shooting out. Dylan sees his sexy load and counters back with his sprinkler shot that covers Blake in cum. Enjoy!

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Active Duty – Adam & Tim

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Голый парень, в аэропорту, ржач, угар, позор, санкции, Пулково, член


Сотрудник аэропорта Пулково вернулся в офис за забытыми ключами от квартиры и был вынужден раздеться для сотрудников службы безопасности.
Мужчина, изображенный на видеозаписи из аэропорта Пулково, оказался инженером компании "Воздушные ворота Северной столицы". Георгий Мякинкин разделся на досмотре догола не ради шутки - мужчину, забывшего в офисе ключи от своей квартиры, заставили полностью раздеться сотрудники службы безопасности.
Как рассказал Мякинкин, он работал в ночную смену и утром отправился домой. По дороге он вспомнил, то ключи от квартиры остались в офисе, и вернулся за ними. Сотрудники на линии досмотра за это время сменились. Не зная Георгия в лицо, другая смена заставила его снять ремень, который был вставлен в брюки очень плотно. В результате мужчине пришлось снять ремень вместе с брюками и, заодно, рубашкой.

На полицейского, который отказался применить ручную технику досмотра, Мякинкин написал жалобу в прокуратуру. Он надеется, что сотрудника МВД привлекут за самоуправство. Кроме того, представители Пулково выясняют, как видео попало в интернет. Основная версия - сотрудники службы безопасности пересняли видео с монитора и опубликовали в Youtube.
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