Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7

MenofMontreal - Horny Jimmy Dube's First Time on Cam

Jimmy Dube (pronounced dew-bay) works 3 out of 4 weeks a month in Northern Alberta's Oil Patch. He's a plumber on oil rigs. You can't get more studly than that! This jock makes his way back to Montreal for a week at a time and decided he was keen to try out porn. It certainly isn't for the money that he came to see us as riggers make a pretty hefty dollar when working in the oil industry. In fact, watching him jack off, you can tell this guy loves to give a show. Jimmy has energy and a fun attitude. He says he's bi, but its clear he tilts more to the straight side, but he did admit to being quite curious about man-on-man sex. You'd think it was the isolation of working day in & day out on those oil rigs in close proximity to other studs that would awaken his curiosity, but that is not the case. He wants to try that out with us. Who are we to argue!!Jimmy starts out lying in bed with a raging hard on. Soon, he gets going and starts to wank that solid 8 inches of uncut man meat. Jimmy is quite the expressive kinda guy. He likes his joy stick and does a solid number on it! He also seems to enjoy playing with his butt hole by all appearances. When it was time for Jimmy to deliver his creamy load, he shot a pretty hefty load that flew beyond his arm onto the bed and on his chest.Marko Lebeau talked to him while he was basking in his post- jack off shower. Jimmy seems pretty eager to come back for more. Now we'll just need to find him a fella to help him explore his inner curiosity.

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NextDoorEbony - Day Date

Brock Avery is a very popular boy around town. He's a desired single guy that loves meeting new people and trying new things. So when Brock finds himself going on a second date with Andre Donovan, he realizes this sexy man could be THE one!

But Andre is very reserved. Unlike Brock, Andre isn't likely to hook up while he's still getting to know someone. When Brock makes a move at the end of the date, Andre uses all his will power to resist and tell Brock he's sorry, but doesn't do that on a first date.

Brock is polite and understanding. Andre leaves, only to knock on Brock's door a few seconds later. He reminds Brock that this has been their SECOND date, and that means he's willing to indulge!

Brock is too sexy to abstain from ravaging his body. Andre allows Brock to suck his huge dick for a while. After some of this fun, they move to Brock's bedroom where Andre gets a nice taste of Brock's sweet, tight hole. He makes sure it's nice and wet for what's next.

Andre gets up on the bed himself and slides his fat cock right into Brock's ass. Join the fun and watch Andre pound his new beau's hole. This is a second date that can only lead to more romantic, sexual adventures!


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IconMale - Forgive Me Father 2

Father Brendan Patrick is having a deep conversation with himself about whether to follow his strong attraction for guys, or his love of God. He was thinking about the time that he went to go and check up on Ian Levine, one of his young friends. The twink was hanging out in his school uniform but Brendan tells him to go get comfortable and take it off. The older man interrupts Ian while he's left in only his briefs by grabbing him in for a slow kiss. Brendan starts taking off his clothes to be equally as undressed as Ian, then he slips off Ian's underwear to expose his perky ass cheeks. Brendan teases Ian's hole with his finger, then he bends down and rims him, getting the twink ready for when he slips inside. Brendan pumps into the younger man sensually on the bed while they kiss. Brendan fingers Ian until they're both good and satisfied.

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ActiveDuty - Bo

Mike just finished up his latest round of recruitment, and our first new recruit is Bo, a shy young thang from Portland, Oregon. He's 5'7' and 145 lbs, and he looks in the prime of his life right now with a tightly packed torso and a smooth boyish face.First thing Bo does after stripping down is he rolls over onto his stomach and starts humping the mattress, giving us a glorious view of his shapely behind as he bucks back and forth. Even though he only stays like that for a few seconds before flipping back over to show off his front side, you can be sure that Mike makes him get back on his belly to give us another peep of his sexy ass before the end.Bo's one of the fastest strokers I've ever seen, and his hand is practically a blur as he cranks his shaft fast and furiously. His other hand grips the base of his ball-sack tight, and you can even see them swelling and turning redder as he works himself up to a satisfying nut. When he finally lets it loose his cum shoots all the way to his face and neck, dousing his entire chest with a huge puddle of jizz.

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DylanLucas - Heavy Breathing

Chris Harder is looking for a running buddy to help motivate him in his workout and he finds that in Kaydin Bennett. The two push each other harder and harder each day, but this time they really go for it. When they collapse on a tree together, panting face to face for support, the tension gets really high. Watch what happens when they start pushing each other further in different ways. Enjoy!

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Angelo's Erotic Massage

Angelo's Erotic Massage from Jake Cruise on Vimeo.

The AA '#thinkbikes Naked Bike Ride'

The AA '#thinkbikes Naked Bike Ride' from ROCK HOUND on Vimeo.

"The thing worth fighting for" by Jessica Jobaris in collaboration with Kaylee Cole

"The thing worth fighting for" by Jessica Jobaris in collaboration with Kaylee Cole from bryon carr on Vimeo.

Eisprung mit Papa (Ovulation with Daddy) English Subtitles

Eisprung mit Papa (Ovulation with Daddy) English Subtitles from Paul Ploberger on Vimeo.

WILSON (making of)

WILSON (making of) from Galeria Fitness on Vimeo.

NextDoorCasting - Buddies Casting: Abel Archer

Waiting on the couch this week is Abel Archer, a good looking and open minded sort of 'regular' guy. The chemistry between Markie and Abel is evident from the start, and it becomes fairly obvious that this versatile performer has the goods to deliver. FIrst he starts by letting Markie go down on him, before returning the favor, downing Markie's cock and taking it deep into his throat, before bending over as Markie tongues his hole, whetting his own appetite and teasing Abel's ass with the promise of some good hard dick, which Markie delivers, plunging his cock deep inside, as Abel closes his eyes and feels every hard inch. Markie pounds away at Abel's beefy bottom before the switch, and we see what Abel can do with the stick, as he fucks Markie missionary before both guys blow their well deserved loads on each other. If the sweaty exuberant look on Markie's face is any indicator, Abel is someone he'd like to see make the cut. But it's up to you to decide.Enjoy!

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IconMale - Daddy's Big Boy

Adam Russo pulls up to his place to see his former stepson, Sam Truitt, waiting outside for him in the cold rain. The guys go inside to catch up. They've missed each other a lot since Adam and Sam's mom were divorced. Sam says he'd rather live with Adam even though he's not his biological dad, and leans in on Adam's shoulder. Adam rubs Sam's back and caresses his hand, and Sam places little kisses on Adam's cheek. Sam looks up at Adam with his green puppy dog eyes and the two lean in to start kissing tenderly on the lips. Adam rubs his stepson's chest while the two make out on the couch. Then Sam takes things further and releases Adam's hard cock from his pants, drops his head down and starts sucking his stepfather. The guys toss their clothes on the floor and Adam shoves Sam's big dick into his mouth, bobbing up and down on it. Then in an unexpected turn of events, Sam starts fucking his stepdad. The twink piledrives into his daddy until he shoots a wad into Adam's hairy stomach.

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HotHouse - Gutter Punks

Horned up, sexy bad asses Nick Sterling and Tyler Wolf mark their territory with spray paint, but it's not long before they're claiming each other in a dark alley. Thick-dicked and cock-ringed Tyler's up on a ladder, which is a perfect spot for hungry Nick to swallow his hot rod and eat his tasty willing ass. Tyler is opened and ready and Nick is on his hole with his stiff dick in no time. These are versatile jacked up studs and Nick's spectacular ass needs some attention too. Tyler gets right to painting Nick's sweet hole with his tongue and mouth, before Nick lays back and takes Tyler's tool full throttle, legs in the air and fully filled with Tyler's hot meat. Ready to take anything, Nick's ass gets the power treatment from Tyler's cock until Nick busts a net all over his chest. Tyler follows by painting Nicks balls and cock with a creamy load, and then licks up cum on his way to a final wet kiss with Nick.

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FistingCentral - Full Depth

Mitch Vaughn dips his hands into a huge, red bucket filled with slick lube. Forearm veins bulging, he penetrates Manuel Olveyra's fuck hole up to the wrist. Mitch is a burly guy with big hands, so you know that Manuel is feeling the stretch in his man chute. When Mitch pulls out, Manuel's rectum bulges out in a mound of clenched flesh. Gripping his rubber jock, Mitch unleashes his massive cock and starts jerking. Mitch's toned muscles flex under his dark, tan skin, and Manuel's back muscles form a solid ridge as he arcs himself to receive Mitch's fist. Flipping Manuel over, Mitch alternates between fisting and fucking Manuel's hole, sticking in as many fingers in with his cock as he can. When he cums, Mitch sprays cum clear across the room in multiple jets. Now that he's done using Manuel's hole, Mitch reminds him of his place by peeling off his black, latex fisting glove and stuffing it up inside Manuel's pig-hole!

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NextDoorBuddies - Parole Distractions Part Two

Parole officer Brock Avery is just returning home from a long, hard day at the office, one that involved him getting fucked by a parolee named Jordan. Brock would never have agreed to let the convict pound his sweet hole, but when Jordan took control, Brock couldn't say no to his big, fat cock. But Jordan's plan reached a bit further than just fucking his parole officer in order to keep from going back to prison.While Brock was getting boned, Jordan's friend, Darius Ferdynand, another convict out on parole, was breaking into Brock's house. But Jordan set Darius up for disaster. He told Darius Brock would be home much later than it turned out. Darius was caught in the act, crawling across Brock's bedroom floor in a ski mask. When Darius realizes that Jordan had set him up the whole time, he tells Brock the situation. Brock decides that Jordan needs to have a message sent to him. He grabs Darius, pulls his sweatshirt off and shoves his dick into Darius's mouth. Darius takes Brock's stiff erection while laying on his back. Brock bends down so the two can 69 for a while. It's not long before Brock demands that Darius fuck him. Brock climbs atop and takes a nice, passionate ride on a firm, throbbing dick. Join these two as Darius tries to fuck his way out of going back to the big house.

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MaleReality - My Boyfriend Is Gay #05

These two boys get all hot and bothered under their jeans, then the girlfriend shows up and gets left out of the pants party.

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MenofMontreal - Brandon Jones & Emilio Calabria : Less talk is the best

You know, when it comes to sex sometimes it's best to just let things come together on their own.So I invited my two friends Emilio and Brandon over to watch a film. Unfortunately, or I should say fortunately, the film I chose was not really good and the guys were a bit bored. So I had the idea to put on a Men of Montreal scene to spice things up a bit. The video hardly began when our two friends started to get excited and decided to indulge in some action of their own. I can confirm that the guys were giving it their 100%. I can't hide that even behind my camera I was getting turned on and played with myself a bit while I filmed.Emilio and Brandon are very special performers and you can feel the genuine chemistry between these two. Don't miss your chance to see them in action!I hope you like watching as much as I liked filming these hot guys!Marko L.

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ShamEmen' - Gay Themed

'ShamEmen' - Gay Themed from Dan Fry on Vimeo.

The Shaman can transcend far and beyond new dimensions through sexual pleasure. They can even conjure up a spiritual partner for hardcore libidinous and carnal sessions -- they call that partner a 'Spirit Spouse' . It all sounds very erotic and new -- however, I don't do any of that in this film -- we did in my other film 'Spirit Spouse' -- but I do play a Shaman messing around in front of a camera scantily-clad to the soundtrack of a song called 'Pick Me Up' -- which was inspired by my new gay erotic book 'Magic, Sex & Tricks' -- on sale in June this year.

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