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  • June 6, 2016

    Horny young Master Ross returns with a huge erection inside his boxer shorts. He's 100% determined that his powerless sub must gobble down the Master's cock until he shoots his cum. The prostrate twat is lying flat on his back and completely naked. Top Ross sneers at him with contempt before pulling off his shorts and ramming his long, fat cock into the sub's whimpering mouth.

    Ross pumps away and ploughs his dick in the runt's mouth right up to the balls. This makes the worm ream in discomfort. Then the Master strips his clothes and lies on his back whilst ordering the sub to continue sucking off his throbbing cock.

    Soon the Master pumps harder and harder until his thick spunk shoots into the back of the sub's defeated mouth. Some of the jizz dribbles over the Master's hairy arse as the sub finds he can do nothing else but swallow down his Master's thick load.

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