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  • June 26, 2016

    Introducing all-new handsome Master Shane who we find fresh from a sports field when he goes into a toilet for a piss. He discovers a naked, cowering slave all alone on the floor next to the urinals and begins to take out his sexual frustration on the powerless runt.

    After lashing a rope around the sub's neck, the sweaty top pulls down his shorts to reveal a fat cock which he quickly rams into the sub's mouth. Sucking hard, the sub does all he can to satisfy the Master but to no avail - the top screams abuse at him and orders him to suck harder. With a rock hard solid dick and a belt held threateningly in his hand, the Master opens up his sweaty arse-crack and orders the sub to lick it clean. The dirty hole is soon deeply rimmed by the embarrassed sub.

    Finally, the top makes use of his belt and swings it around to thrash the sub, causing him pain and profound humiliation.

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