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  • October 25, 2016


    Talk about a perfect specimen! This is Zach, a Marine who doesn't shy from a challenge and is always seeking to push his boundaries in the name of adventure. And that's what's brought him here with us! Once Claude gives him the green light, Zach is eager to peel off his shirt and show us his incredible chest, stomach, and arms. Wow, Zach is the total package! Zach's cock is well shaped and looks amazing in his hands. Zach goes from sitting on the couch to standing. That's when Claude swoops down low to show us a view of that lovely erection from underneath. Claude shifts gears a bit and captures a nice establishing shot, and we see that Zach is on his toes for much of this stroke session. I really like this. Zach is totally going for it, finally losing track of himself and allowing the pleasure to take over. I certainly enjoyed seeing Zach's muscular ass cheeks, clenching and reacting as he jacks his cock with intensity. Put that ass on the list of things to watch in the near future! I'm really glad Zach came in and graced us with an awesome solo. I think his attitude and tasty physique make him a perfect new addition to the squadron.

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