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  • October 22, 2016

    JOE SCHMOE VIDEOS - Eric & Jeff Straight Hunk Jeff Gets His First Man Hole

    Jeff is a fascinating man. This handsome and ripped hunk looks great for his age, with a smooth and defined body and a great uncut cock. He's never done anything with a dude, but he admits he's thought about what it would be like to fuck a guy. When he says that you can tell he means it. He's one of those real masculine guys, too horny to say no but wondering what he's doing when Eric comes in and starts playing with his cock. He grabs Eric's dick and gives him some stroking during this too, but when he goes for that ass he really gets into it. The fingering he delivers is pretty hot to watch, he seems to love playing with a guys hole. When he tries his cock in there he just can't control himself and within moments he's splashing his cum out over Eric's back! Looks like this guy discovered something horny and new about himself, we can't wait to see him exploring it.

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