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  • November 14, 2016


    From head to toe, James Devlin is simply smokin'! I love seeing new recruits like James. He's the perfect combination of handsome and lean that rounds out our roster and adds just the right flavor. He has a smile that'll, all by itself, harden your cock, and a cool, laid-back vibe that draws you in and puts you in the mood to stroke your dick!Once he gets the go-ahead, James strips down starts fattening up his cock. Maybe it's the dog tags, but I think James is one of those guys that was just born to be nude. His style and those tattoos, along with his haircut just come together to form such a nice package. Claude moves in nice and close while James strokes his firm erection. He slouches way down in his chair and lets his free hand work on his nice, soft-looking balls. James knows how to give us viewers some attention, and that's something I ALWAYS appreciate. 'Don't you wish you could just play with it?' he asks as we watch him tug that greasy cock. Yummy!Then we get James standing, with Claude getting right underneath his majestic cock. Boy, that thing is a hall-of-famer. Watch James play with his greasy balls during this part. Gosh, I bet he's gonna make lots of fellow soldiers very happy here at ADJoin James and enjoy yourself just like he does. James sure has the attitude and the look we want here for our squad. I think he'll become a quick favorite around here. Welcome to the Troop, rookie!

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