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  • November 29, 2016


    Believe it or not, this gentleman's name is Ripley and he has a fantastic cock. He's a strong, silent type and there's a whole lot of intrigue here. With his clothing on, Ripley looks like he has an incredible body. And once he takes off those layers, we see that was a good bet. He's thick in all the right places. Ripley starts out by peeling off his black undies and fattening up that girthy dick. Next, we get a view of Ripley from above. Notice how much he enjoys playing with his nipples. This tells me Ripley is a sensuous creature who understands the balance between power and subtlety. Ripley goes to his feet and Claude creeps down low and tight. Boy, Ripley is just a perfect male specimen. If you love the consummate serviceman look, THIS is certainly it. The haircut, the thick chest, the strong hands, Ripley is the man. And finally he's back on the bed, jerking that beautiful dick until it explodes. Ripley goes for it in the end, turning up the intensity knob just enough to show us he can. There's always room here at AD for a powerful dude like Ripley. Let's keep our eyes peeled for his return, and look forward to seeing that solid power put to some good use!

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