Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Meet the newest hunk on the squad, Dane Stewart! This recruit is such a dreamboat, you'll be mesmerized by his handsome face from the start. Dane is hot, horny, handsome, and HUNG!Once Claude gives Dane the go ahead, Dane rubs his growing cock underneath his tight blue jeans. After plumpening up a bit, Dane strips down and reveals his large, pulsating dick. Claude gets low and tight to show us how beautiful Dane's erection is. The angle he captures, with Dane stroking his hard cock and that gorgeous face just next it is really something. Switching between hands, tugging at the tip, Dane heats this session up quickly. Then we get a nice view from over Dane's shoulder, where we get to see more of Dane's muscular, inked-up bod. Dane stands up and continues pleasuring himself, and we get to look up at him and his strong cock. Here we see Dane's sexy balls reacting to his fervent jerking. Dane adjusts a bit, laying back completely on the couch, with both feet up. Claude uses this opportunity to give us a glimpse of Dane's tight, bubbly ass. Boy, I know a few guys on the squad who'll be salivating! Finally, Dane just erupts with a massive load, hitting himself directly in the face! Claude and Dane laugh together over the large glob of warm cum on Dane's cheek. Wow, I wonder how long he'd been holding out for us! This is a fun, talented, gorgeous guy and I'm thrilled to have him on the AD squad!

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