Friday, February 3, 2017

STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Devin Reynolds & Daniel Delong A Straight Buddy Beat Off

It's just another afternoon for Devin and Daniel, stroking cock and shooting off some cum. Devin, as always, quickly gets the party started and handsome Daniel just follows suit, teasing us and flashing some meat. Once Devin has his hairy cock out and hard in his fist Daniel is quick to follow. The two straight boys get some good looks at each other, checking out the competition. But hey, who doesn't like seeing a good hard cock being stroked? After some long and playful jerking Devin is the first to bust, with Devin eagerly watching the semen spill from his dick while he whacks his own boner. He's not far behind, busting out his own milky mess while satisfied Daniel looks on.

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