Friday, March 17, 2017

NEXTDOORSTUDIOS - Next Door Homemade: Derek McLaughlin & Chase Klein

Derek McLaughlin and Chase Klein are mutual friends of avid homemade porn enthusiast, Vinny Blackwood. We've had the pleasure of seeing Vinny hook up with each of these guys and it looks like they had such good time with sexy Vinny, they decided to do their own thing and submit the footage.Chase is such a well-built, handsome dude and Derek is a super cute, cock-loving, hungry bottom. Together, they're a perfect pair. After they peel each other's clothes off, Derek begins sucking Chase's hard dick. After a while, Chase flips onto his belly so Derek can get a taste of his hole. Once Chase gets worked up enough, he bends Derek over and slides his firm erection into his ass. The cameras they set up perfectly catch the large amount of sticky pre cum dripping from Derek's boner. After slamming Derek doggystyle for a while, Derek goes to his back to take more pounding. These guys have lots of very hot fun in this encounter and I'm glad we get to witness it. Thanks for the awesome spank material, boys!

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