Wednesday, March 15, 2017

ZACK RANDALL - Caleb Grey & Lucas Daniels Teaching A Straight Guy To Enjoy Cock

This was such an awesome pairing we couldn't cut anything out, so this is part one of a two-part cock play session. When Lucas arrived we knew he would be down for learning some new things, he just had that daring and adventurous feel to him and when we asked him about enjoying his dick with another dude he admitted he would probably go with the flow. Caleb was in the room and Lucas kept checking out his dick bulge while we were asking him questions, so there was definitely some curiosity there from the start. We're pretty sure he's never played with another guys cock before this, but you can tell he's loving it as Caleb sucks on his big dick and then offers his own tasty tool for the guy to play with. Lucas gets so into their mutual sucking and jerking he cums three times! This is only the start of the fun for this straight boy, stick around for part two where our straight boy unloads some more and makes Caleb spew a big mess!

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