Saturday, April 29, 2017

NEXTDOORSTUDIOS - Next Door Homemade: John Finch & Rick Michaels

Rick has invited a new friend over to film some hot porn with. John's never been filmed but Rick is one of his best friends and was willing to try something new. John says hello to the camera and they start making out. John is excited to see what he looks like sucking cock so he doesn't waste any time sucking on Rick's dick. He gets between his legs and begins sucking on his cock revealing a great view of his ass while doing so. Rick wants to fuck him so he can see what he looks like on camera being fucked. Rick bends John over and starts pounding his tight hole for the camera. John loves to watch himself be fucked and it's driving him nuts. They reposition the camera making sure its filming what they want and start to fuck again. They continue blowing and fucking until they decide that they should lie down next to each other and rub it out. John blows his load first and Rick isn't far behind him. Enjoy!

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