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  • May 29, 2017


    This week we have a sexy young ginger standing a tall 6 feet weighing in at 155lbs with a ripe young age of just 19 years old. Edward's motto is you only live once and while you're young just do what feels right and experience life to the fullest. He's an avid skateboarder when he's not stroking his cock for all the viewers and you might be able to spot him on the basketball court playing with his friends. This genuine young man gives a sexy performance while eye fucking the camera for the majority of the time. Edward has never done anything like this before so you can see that he is a little uncomfortable while playing with his cock but that makes it real and even sexier. Edward begins to warm up as Claude moves in for his close shots revealing Edward's furry balls and hard cock. This sexy ginger doesn't stop with one cum load he keeps going building up another amazing cum shot for all you eager viewers. Once again Edward is ready to bust but this time he gives Claude the heads up and he moves in for the beautiful second cum load that oozes out of Edward's hard cock. You will have to check out the outgoing interview after his second load revealing just how great and excited this young man really was.Enjoy!

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