Tuesday, May 30, 2017

BOYNAPPED - Kamyk Walker & Sean Taylor His Uncut Twink Cock Gets So Hard!

If anyone knows how to make a twink cock throb and ooze it's chav lad Sean. The thing is, with this boy you never know where things are gonna go. Kamyk is obviously a little nervous, naked and tied to the cross beams, his shaved cock hanging for the lad to enjoy. The burning candles and the blindfold only add to his trepidation. Instead of hot molten wax the boy gets an amazing session of hot and cold cock play, his dick and balls soon aching as Sean worships him and wanks him to the limit with freezing water, warming cream, ice and more. It's no wonder his dick spurts out such a great load after all that, and we're all doing exactly the same!

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