Sunday, May 21, 2017

At, raising young straight boy Max's furious ire only makes us more horny to tear into his arse! This little cunt is pumped up with anger and disgusted his precious hetero body is being mauled by a band of randy perverts. Now that he's tied down buck naked it's time to inflect some discipline on his fleshy rump. Adrian beats Max's arse till his bum is blazing red and sore. Now this teary eyed boy humbly begs to suck cock to make it stop. As soon as he's agreed Dave presents his erect cock in front of his face and orders him to chow down. Max groans as he deep throats a man's stinking dick and receives strict instruction on the proper way to suck. Any teeth and his arse gets another painful smack. While Dave grabs Max's ears and pulls his head far down on his rod, the boy is surprised to feel Adrian's cock plunge into his arse. Max is so overwhelmed he can barely see what's happening but he feels himself rammed from both ends skewered like a pig. His face and bruised arse are drenched in spunk. No matter how much fight this sorry fuck gives he looks like nothing more than a used gay whore now!

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