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  • May 10, 2017

    At, we’ve been aching to get our filthy mitts on straight student Chris ever since he first walked through our doors. He has those steely blue eyed blonde haired features with a tight as fuck body and an eager cock. Plus just look at what a massive pair of balls he’s got! But there’s an arrogance to his look as well that makes us want to bend him over, screw him hard and make him howl. We make him squirm in discomfort getting him to list all the gay action he’s about to perform and quickly get started as we’re eager to do him. Chris tries hard to hide his nervousness about having his first male on male experience but you can tell from the way he strokes his hair that the butterflies are flapping in his stomach. His body is as hard as steel but warm to the touch. Chris needs to be trained how to fuck a man, suck cock, take a dick up his virgin arsehole and swallow a load of sperm. But the process of turning this eager your hetero into a bumboy is so fucking hot we wanted to spend hours educating him. Just look at how sloppy and loose we make his well pounded hole by the end!

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